Let us unite - NOW

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Let us unite - NOW

Post  brother in christ on Fri 28 Dec 2007, 10:55 pm

To ALL Christians or those who claim to be - this message is for you;

If we have believed the testimony given in the Holy Scripture of the Bible, we know that our Lord Jesus is coming back to the earth to take HIS disciples home. If we accept the truth of the Bible scripture, we know that the true reason to be called a CHRISTIAN is because we are learners and followers of Christ. We also know that if we truly follow Him, it is NOT to merely do in human ways what He did, or to say what He said. But, it is to allow Him access to our hearts so that He can live through us the power and essence of life; we reflect His glory, and not our own. We, who truly know Him, understand by the Holy Spirit's teaching that Christ rose up from the dead, because God does not die. This resurrection is what we will all experience as eternal LIFE, if we receive Him - because He is LIFE.

Many people call themselves Christian because they have allowed Jesus into their heart to save them from sin. These people sincerely, honestly accept the love and truth of God, and obediently live it daily as they are guided by the Holy Spirit. But, there are others' who call themselves Christian because of human tradition and ritual. These kinds willingly or ignorantly use the Bible, the name of Christ and God to create religion, while hiding their pain, sorrow, fear, inadequacies and sin. These kinds seek to establish forms of righteousness, rather than merely accepting the living righteousness of God in relationship and fellowship.

Divine comfort sooths the soul, the Holy Spirit makes us whole, but if we justify ourselves while sinning, we dishonor God, his will and purpose for humanity. We can live in peace, when we have received peace, because we're created for peace. We must make peace with God, to be at peace with humanity. Many people are not at peace with God, because they do not intimately know Him. We are not at peace with God, when we do not accept Him into our most private personal part of ourselves; our soul. Likewise, we cannot be at peace with other people, when we do not invite the love of them into our soul. Even though we may not agree with others, we should at least have a common mature love for others that leads to peace. This kind of love comes from God, and helps us to see beyond a persons fault, to see their need.

The LORD and Savior Jesus Christ being God took on Himself the form of a servant and became obedient in service to humanity, even to the point of death, to pay the penalty of human sin. The testimonies of the early followers of God are in the Bible. The truth about relationship with God is revealed in their historical accounts. Their basic message is; to know God with ALL the heart, is to respect God's ways, and never to place human ways above His. To know God, is to love God, and people with ALL the heart. TRUE worship of God is NOT a ritual or religion, but rather it is to adore HIM who adores His creation. This is the essence of worshipping God; loving spiritual relationship, as we are led by the Holy Spirit in His truth.

God loves all people, and wants all people to be mature in their spirit. When we are mature, we do not love sin. We understand that spiritual maturity is a process of growth, self-examination, humility, sharing what we are taught directly from God. When we are mature, we are at peace and we live life wisely, according to God. Unfortunately, many people say they are Christian, but are spiritually immature. They do not allow God to interpret His Bible scripture and teach them in a personal way by the Holy Spirit. Instead, they prefer the teaching of human traditions and rituals, which place them in bondage, just like the ones who teach such things. The Holy Spirit is the anointing or living power given to all people to help them live the mature life. When the Holy Spirit is quenched or grieved with our sinful ways, we dishonor God and humanity. When we receive Christ, we are given the Holy Spirit as a constant companion to guide us along the narrow path that leads to life. As we each receive Him, we should share the WHOLE knowledge of God, so that others can know the whole truth. Unfortunately, some do not speak or example the whole truth. This message is especially for them. What was done in the past cannot be changed, but now is the time to live life in WHOLE truth and love. Good quality servants are created by good quality leadership that serves in the WHOLE truth and love. Jesus is the best example of true service.
Jesus never did any wrong---
but many, who claim to know Him, have done wrong, hiding behind his name.
Many members of the Body of Christ - HIS Church, need God's forgiveness for sin done in the name of GOD - Exodus 20:7.

For condemning others, selfishly claiming the loving grace of God for ourselves, excluding others unless they get saved OUR WAY. - Romans 8:1, John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9.

For helping to create an environment of hostility in the community through Political parties and issues, which must be dealt with amongst the Body in wisdom and love. - Philippians 4:4, 5, Galatians 5:16-21, James 4:1-6.

For allowing the glory of buildings, crosses, symbols, denominations, self-righteous doctrines to be placed above relationship with God, and humanity. - 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Colossians 2:11-23.

For selling the Gospel within books, films and in other ways; making the dollar the implied goal, rather than service to others. - 1 Corinthians 9:1-18.

For allowing the preaching of the Gospel to become a business rather than ministry of reconciliation. Men and women receiving monthly salary to minister to the needs of others, when this example is not given by our Lord and the Disciples of Christ in scripture. - Acts. 20:26-35.

For filing tax exempt status as charity organizations, when Christ say's to give to Caesar - what is Caesars. - Matthew 22:15-22, 1 Peter 2:13-17, Romans 13.

For insisting prayer be allowed in schools, when Christ says, to pray in our closet, as a personal interaction with God. - Matthew 6:5, 6.

For insisting that the Ten Commandments be posted publicly, when God makes it clear in HIS WORD that salvation is not by the law, but by grace, through faith in Jesus. - Romans 4.

For implying that spiritual worship involves dressing up in fancy clothes, wearing labels, and having to earn degrees of learning. - John 4:20-24, 1 Timothy 2:8-10.

For claiming the gift of marriage as if WE invented it, when it really belongs to God, and is NOT a piece of paper, a ceremony, a ring or an excuse to have sex. - Matthew 5:22-33

For policing others' sexuality and the use their bodies, while some amongst us have not thoroughly dealt with sexual immorality amongst ourselves. 1 Corinthians 5

For insisting that people call fellow servant brothers and sisters Reverend, Pastor, Elder, Bishop, Father or any title, contrary to what Christ say's. - Matthew 23:8-12

Let us UNITE in Christ and go on to maturity in service of good works, hope, peace, love according to His will - for HE comes soon and His judgment is sure.
The world is watching to see what we will do; SO IS GOD.

Thank you for allowing this time to share the truth.
God bless you; sincerely a brother in Christ

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Re: Let us unite - NOW

Post  Guest on Sat 29 Dec 2007, 5:36 am

No! I will not Unite-- to be a standstill. Jesus said that
if it wasn’t for the few who spoke out that it would have ended up as Sodom and Gomorrah.
We need to fight against evil not be passive against sin, and in—morality. I
voted yesterday night after coming home from work I started to reed your letter
and it sounded good. But today I have reread it and you want kingdom now--
without the King. That is false teaching. Things are not going to get better
but worst, because the Bible teaches this. We need to unite yes, in telling the
Homosexual that his sin is wrong. And every sin that is against the Ten Commandments.
We are not to stone him. But we should vote for people who take a stand for righteousness.
And we should of all take a stand for the Ten Commandments when they were
removed, for it is the perfect law of God. The way things are going today,
everything goes-- and leave it to men for a fixing: they all cheat presidents
and all the higher uppers. No we need to have laws that match Gods Laws. I told
my daughter what if we had a law that will cut your head off if you commit
adultery, she said well done. Nobody will be cheating then. America was a Nation
under God, and we use to have good morals, than came Hollywood, and all the
filth with it. It was not so with the pilgrims the only text book people had in
schools was the Bible and this Nation was the greatest Nation on earth, and God
blessed it; all because it was founded on God’s principles. God be with you and show you the truth of himself. Anastasia

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