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In One Moment

Post  palmtree on Mon 31 Dec 2007, 6:57 pm

The mind of God for you this moment is to see you fruitful and multiply in the land that he has given to you as your heritage. The lord said he will be with you and your families for you are not to be dismay, in your weakness of heart the lord will pour out his spirit to give you strength from heaven above and for his glory upon you, he will uphold you with his hand of righteousness and any human born of woman, that plan evil against your life, fulfillments, mission, vision will be put to shame. Isaiah 41:10-13.

Remember not the things of the past which went with old years, because a new thing the lord say he will do which shall come out at this moment and as a symbol of perfection of the lord in your family. Weep not that is the word of the lord to you and don't get stuck in the thing of the past, so move forward. Isaiah 43:18.

Blessed is your going and coming, because no mountains can stand before you and anything you lay your hand to do this moment shall brings joy, happiness into your life. Today mark the first week in this month of the new moment, death, sorrow, failure will not visit your family. With the good foundation you set your hand to do this moment and in every month you will finish it with joy in Jesus name. Zechariah 4:9.

Finally, may the peace of the lord rain in your home, may the favor of the Lord be upon you, may the blessing, happiness, grace bombard your home, families and friends in Jesus name.
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