Tips on Praying Time

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Tips on Praying Time

Post  dove on Sun 27 Jan 2008, 11:20 pm

Spending quiet time means to set aside time alone with God. Whether it is 10 minutes or 30 minutes doesn't matter, what matters is that you make the time and be consistent in doing it everyday. Making the time is important because it sets a foundation for your walk and relationship with God.

Spending quiet time will takes some preparation on our part. You will need to answer some important questions; What time is best for you to have your quiet time? What place is best for you to read and pray that is private? What resources will you need for your quiet time? Take some time to think and plan out making time with God and you will most likely be more consistent doing it.

Plan Ahead:
A suggestion would be to plan ahead of time what you will need for your quiet time. To get either a basket or box that will fit your bible, pen or pencil, note pad or journal, daily devotional, bible dictionary, Webster's dictionary or bible commentary. These are all suggestions but bible pen and paper are a definite must.

I encourage you to pray through out the day but for your quiet time it is good to pray specific. Pray for God to speak to you in your time with Him and your time in His Word and believe by faith He will answer you.

Passage & Scripture Reading:
Whether it is a daily devotional, reading a chapter in the bible or a scripture reference book. Whatever the Lord is putting on your heart to read, is good as long as you have a scripture or passage in God's word.

a) Read the particular passage.

b) Read the particular passage in context. Which means, to read the entire chapter to fully understand why the passage is there and what it means?

c) See if there are any specific words that speak to you in that passage, like love, faith, or doubt, etc make note of that as possibly your theme for the day and passage.

d) Feel free to look up definitions of those words to add some depth.

e) Look up cross-references and possible summary of passage if possible.

Write down the passage or scripture that speaks to you, what it means and what it is speaking to you personally and your own personal thoughts.

Ponder the Lesson:
Take a moment to ponder the passage you are reading and what God is speaking to you about in that particular lesson and then ask God to help you receive it in your heart and mind and give you full understanding of it's meaning.

Personal Application:
Find out what this particular lesson is speaking to you personally and how you can apply it to your life today and journal that also.

Personal Prayer:
Pray and ask God to help you not only receive the personal message God has given you but also the power to apply it to your life today by faith.

Praise Him:
Praise God for His faithfulness and thank God for all that He is and all He does and has done in your life and the life of others.

Prayer Time:
If time permits or you are led to pray and intercede, take a moment and ask God to put people or situations on your heart to pray for and He is faithful to answer that prayer.
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