The Muslims

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The Muslims

Post  forhisglory on Mon 18 Feb 2008, 8:22 pm

The Muslims,There are good and bad in every race. Now about the Quran this is not a book of love, for it goes on to say when you find an infidel strike him dead. All who are not of their religion are consider infidels, and we all should die. Now there is the not so fanatic Muslim just like a not so true Christian, they can care less about their God they are not active in the word of God. The same goes for Muslims only those who are in their book and obey it act it out. They Hate the Jews with a passion, so much that if a Jew passes close to them he must step dawn the side walk, and a Jew can never build a house taller than a Muslims house. Also if He is converted and lives in their country He must pay higher taxes. Woman is less important than an animal to the Muslims who are fanatic if she gets rape they kill her. If a woman gets to be found talking to a man without a family with her She gets strips. Now all this I am saying it is true and I speak only of fanatical Islam, About being a brother only in Christ we have brothers if a Muslim converts to Christianity than he or she is my brother in Christ.Jehovah is not Allah If he was, Jews and Muslims would of lived in peace. I pray for every Muslim to come to the loving arms of Jesus for in the Quran, their god is not a personal god, and their god does not show love to them or healing. Allah is a god of war and Mohamed made him god for he picked this one god out of 800 gods the Muslim's were worshiping, at that time. So he picked the god of war Allah, and since than they have only one god the god of war, of force, which came out of Mohamed's sect. Right now as I write there are Muslims having visions of Jesus and converting, but in the Muslim world they kill all who convert to Christianity, That is so sad to say. Jesus gave us the freedom to choose but over-- there you have no freedom especially in Iran and Arabia and some African Nations. We as Christians should love them the ones who convert, to the other ones who are not fanatic we must tell them, Jesus loves them so much that he came to die on the cross for theirs sins just as well as our sins. We all have sin and the penalty for sin is death but Jesus lived a Holy and perfect life. He was the perfect sacrifice. Now call upon the Lord and He will answer you. After you get the Holy Spirit, He tells you to be Holy for He is Holy. forhisglory Sad
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