A Call To Salvation

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A Call To Salvation

Post  servant on Sun 09 Mar 2008, 2:20 pm

A Call To Salvation

There is a teaching
out there today that has crept into our Churches, a teaching that is the exact
opposite of what the true gospel really teaches. It is the teaching of self
love. The world tells the sinner to feel good about how they are and itís okay
for them to be the way they are. What on earth is the preacher who teaches this
thinks. He in affect is telling the unsaved person to feel good about his or
her sin. This kind of teaching might bring large numbers of people to Church,
but it also will bring Godís judgment. God says in John 12:25- {"He who
loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep
it for eternal life.} By this scripture, it is clear that to be righteous in
Godís sight you have to hate your life, which means that you must see your self
as you really are Ė a filthy, dirty, no good, wicked to the core, sinner who is
in desperate need of Godís mercy and forgiveness. The feel good
preachers will tell you, ďDo you have a deep hole in your heart, are you broke,
need money, are you lonely and are looking for a wife. Come to Jesus and invite
Him into your heart and He will give you every desire of your heart.Ē It is all
about you getting what you want from God, what can Jesus do for me. This is a
backwards teaching, Jesus said in Luke 9:23 {"If anyone desires to come
after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. }
Deny yourself means to give yourself completely to him. It is no longer about
you. You donít even exists anymore. When you got saved you gave your very life
to Him. The old you died on the cross with Jesus, and the new you was raised to
life with Him and you now live for God in everything you do. That is what it
means to be a Christian. You might ask, what would I have to loose if I chose
to follow Christ. The answer is Ė every
, Give up how you are, Give up your thoughts, your speech, your
actions, your mind, your will, your body, everything you are now must be given
up if you really want to follow Christ and be his disciple. This is not a call
to a higher standard of Christian living, it is a call to salvation for the
unsaved. This is not a very popular teaching in the Churches today, it just so
happens to be the truth. This teaching doesnít sell. The true gospel is being replaced with this
feel good teaching of I want God to take care of my every desire and need. What
about you serving God instead. Wow, What an idea, serving God. You were put on
this earth to serve God, not for God to serve you. You were made for his
pleasure not the other way around. Only when you come to this realization will
you find true happiness in God. Until then you will not be fulfilled. Like it
or not you donít have any power at all to do anything. Like it or not, you are
totally depended on God in everything. Even the heathen that donít know God is
powerless to resist His will. Servant

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