Who will you be rule by?

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Who will you be rule by?

Post  forhisglory on Sun 09 Mar 2008, 9:25 pm

Who will you be rule by? I do not care much about politics, but today, I
am disappointed in both parties. When my husband told me about his friend
at work was going to vote for Hillary, I felt anger especially when he told my
husband that she will protect his money better. The Democrats are
the greater evil. Democrats are not for the poor, they want everybody poor.
When” Ronald Ragan got into being President, the economy was a disaster thanks
to Jimmy Carter, there where no jobs. Reagan, build us up strong were we where
the envy of the world. We threw dawn the evil empire which was Russia
who could not keep up with our strength. Reagan got our hostages back from Iran and he fixed
all of our military equipment. He even looked into Pork spending. The branches
of government would charge like sixty dollars for a simple screw, and 500 for a
coffee pot Reagan put a stop to that, and took care of that problem. Reagan was
the greatest president of our generation, yet Media, never gave him credit for
all the good he has done. The economy was starting to get strong, when he decided
that we knew how to spend our money better than the Government did. So he cut
dawn our taxes. Than came Father Bush, and we were growing stronger, and slowly
but surely the economy was getting up there. Now when Clinton got in, the economy was already built,
for it takes years to build it up, and years for it to fall. But the Reagan and
the Bush never were credited for this. Now Clinton got all the credit and the people
loved him for it. Well this letter is dedicated to all of you Clinton lovers. He had nothing to do with the
growth of our economy, but at the end of his presidency he ruins; what took so
many years to fix. Now the son Bush gets in and the economy is a total
disaster, He did what Reagan did lower our taxes and the economy is better than
it was in years. I heard some Christians are going to vote for Hillary, and
that really gets to me. What will God think of you voting for such a liberal as
she is? You are voting for someone who believes in abortion, the killing of babies”
are you happy with this? You are voting for someone who is a socialist; all
democrats are. Socialism is one step close to communism. It means they take
your money, and tell you we will spend it for you, by cleaner air or save the spotted
owl, or gas you to death, while we are spraying for bugs. Not only that you are
voting for a person who believes Homosexual is okay are you out of your mind? She entertained Homos and lesbians all the
time in the white house while her husband was our president, with your money
and mine. I wonder what God says about this kind of people in the book of
Romans 1?

Socialism is big government, with lots of programs funded by
your money. The money they take from us seldom reaches it’s destiny for in
between we have what I call thieves and robbers who know how to steal without a

With big government, you
will never be able to have a small business, plus you will have no saying in
the matter how to govern your household. This government was put here for three
things protect your borders pave your roads and deliver your mail the rest it
should be left to the communities of every state, were people can vote personally
and talk things out one on one with your representative. Now this is the
perfect government. The devil Democrats dig into your private affairs and businesses.
Communism and socialism is like a gang that runs your business, if you pay them
you are okay, if not you are dead, they are outlaws but with a license to kill
you and destroy you. In the communist countries nobody is rich except the government.
So you will have to be a hard working slave with no rights whatsoever. Is this
the kind of government you want? You will get 3 shirts, and tree pants, 2 pairs
of shoes for a whole year. You will never own your own business and under those
circumstances for what! The government has taking full control over it. Now
before you go voting think were is God in all of this, and do you want people
to rule you and your money or God to rule you, for this too, is at stake. They
get to pick what God should you worship, by taking away your God given rights
and given them to your enemies, which are Gods enemies. You decide today, obey
God or yourselves. God wants your liberty why do you want to be a slave. The
democrats do not care about you, if you are poor. They put on a front as if
they do, and sometimes give you a little here or there, but you end up paying
for it in the long run, and forever. The Democrats want full control of your
money and your life including your God. The Republicans are the lesser evil but
none the less they to are evil if, they are liberal republicans? So please go
vote for a God fearing man. If none of these two parties are Godly, than just
pray. But never vote for Obama or Hillary they are against God, and you as a
Christian. forHisglory Cool
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Re: Who will you be rule by?

Post  Waqar Daniel on Mon 10 Mar 2008, 7:29 am

I totally agree with you as Clintons are a menace. Their International policy is pathetic and they support muslims and put Christians as minorities in huge trouble. It was first time in Clinton's presideny that verses of koran were recited in the White House. They are pro abortionists and pro gayism and lesbianism and all this in the name of equal rights. Whenever Democrats came in rule, muslim world gets stronger and Christians become weaker.

I wonder why to legalise abortion and why not to tell them not get into immoral activities? Although I cannot vote but McCain is a better choice and a Vietnam veteran and hero. Obama would be a real disgrace to USA and the Christian world. Atleast Bush recognized Israel as Holy Land and Church as an Institution. I still remember that when War against Terrorism was started, Bush government told the muslim world, to guard Christians in their countries and no Church was burnt and no Christian died.

Guess what - Who made Osama Bib Laden? Clinton.

God bless you


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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