My God, My God (Echos of Ps22) the Crucifixion

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My God, My God (Echos of Ps22) the Crucifixion

Post  Fenny West on Fri 21 Mar 2008, 2:08 pm

My God, my God,
Why have you forsaken me?
My God, My God,
Why have you forgotten me?

You are the Most High God
You are the all-powerful God
You’re the treasury of wisdom
Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom.

But see what I am put through.
My God, see what I go through
Will You not come to me, Faithful and True?
I have cast all my cares upon You.

Big, bad bulls, bully and surround me.
Devilish dogs of war are hounding me.
They gape at me at every turn.
Shoot their tongues at me and run.

Saying, ‘He trusted in God

Let God deliver Him’
‘If you’re a child of God,
come off this cross.’

They damage, rave, ravage in a rage
Taken my coat made me a scapegoat
But You’re my hope from age to age
You a God who does not go back on His oath.

Our Fathers trusted in You
and You did not put them to shame.
They cried out to You
and You delivered them, honoured Your Name.

My God, my God, see how I am wasted
I am poured out like water, gutted
My tongue clings to the roof of my mouth
My bones are out of joint, north and south.

Like David, deliver me from the paw of the lion.
That there will be praise in Zion
Come draw me out of this mighty water
From birth I was cast upon You , my Father.

You gave me hope from the beginning.
In You I live, move and have my being.
You will not forsake the work of Your hand.
You will bring me to my Promised Land.

You have heard Me.

Praise shall rise in Your congregation
Your glory shall resound in the nations
They will tell of Your wonderful works
from generation to generation
They will worship and give You adoration.

They will hear of your majesty, beauty and integrity.
They will hear of Your greatness, goodness and loving-kindness and faithfulness.
They will marvel at Your salvation, compassion and intervention.


Fenny West
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Re: My God, My God (Echos of Ps22) the Crucifixion

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 12 Aug 2010, 4:14 pm


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