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If Jesus

Post  Fenny West on Fri 28 Mar 2008, 8:40 am

If the world is a stage, as they say,
And you and I are all actors
Do you know your part in the play?
And have you made time to learn your lines?

If life is not a dress rehearsal
But preparation for eternity,
Why are people playing with life,
And focusing on the temporary?

If all that glitters is not gold
And you donít judge a book by its cover,
Why then are people dying for glitz and glamour
And deceived by outward appearance?

If birds of the same feathers flock together,
And bad company corrupts good character,
Who are your daily buddies,
And is it not wise to watch your company?

If an idle mind is the devilís workshop
And the idle hand is his tool,
Then why are we giving him room,
Giving him tools, paying the rent
and surprised at his at his havoc?

If Jesus has paid the price for sin
And Satanís power at Calvary was broken,
Why then are people still wallowing in sin,
And trading joy and peace for hearts broken?


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