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Imagine you had an invisible friend who assisted you whenever you would call his name. As a child, you may have had an imaginary friend; but did you know that the idea of an invisible friend is not as farfetched as you may think? In fact, you indeed have a friend who has been with you all your life! He is the Holy Spirit, and He is an actual person. In fact, He is as real as the people you actually see. His purpose is to guide you through life, and if you allow Him to, He will lead you to your divine destiny.

God has a specific plan for your lifeóa plan for good, and not for evil (Jeremiah 29:11); and He has sent the Holy Spirit to guide you into His plan. Many times we donít receive the blessings God has for us because we donít yield to the leading of our unseen Friend. He speaks in a still, small voice that always lines up with Godís Word, but if your mind is cluttered with the cares of the world, or youíre so busy that you donít take time to listen to Him, you miss the opportunity to receive His instructions.

Your success depends greatly on whether you yield to the Holy Spirit in your daily life. Think about what it means to yield. When you see a yield sign on a road, it means you are to stop, and let the driver with the right-of-way proceed. In the same manner, yielding to the Holy Spirit means you stop, and allow Him to proceed before you: then follow Him. Notice youíre to follow Him, not go ahead of Him. He is your guide and in order to get to where God has called you, you must yield to His leading.

Take an honest assessment of your life. Have you yielded to Him in your decisions? Or have you cultivated a worldly mindset that says, I donít need Godís help because Iíve got this? Though we live in the world, we are not of the world. That simply means that the life of a Believer is governed by the Word of God, not by societal standards, popular opinions, or even your personal ideas about how to proceed. Believers donít make decisions based on personal experiences or opinions; we make decisions based on the Word of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Recognize His voice by reading the Bible, and getting to know Him by developing a relationship with Him through His Word. Then, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into His plan for your life.

A child who cultivates a relationship with his or her imaginary friend believes that friend is real, regardless of what people say. However, as they grow up, they eventually let go of the belief in the imaginary friend. The idea that someone unseen exists becomes silly. However, you still have an unseen friend who is standing by to help you (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is real, and should not be ignored. He is always speaking to us through our conscience, often called our ďintuitionĒ or a ďgutĒ feeling.

No matter what your level of spiritual development, make a quality decision to yield to the Holy Spirit, asking what He would have you do. Take time to listen for His still, small voice. Pay attention to the Holy Spirit directing you. When you yield or surrender yourself to His power, you allow Him to perform His will in your life. Godís way is always best and will lead to prosperity.

If you believe in the name of Jesus Christ, you have a Friend and a Comforter who wants you to have all that He has prepared for you. Take the first step by asking Him what He would have you do with your life every day. Think of Him as your invisible friend. Itís okay to talk to Him; Heís always listening and ready to help.

God desires that you have nothing missing or broken in your life. Visit our online bookstore and order your copy of the message, Peace: To Restore or Make Whole today!


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