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Post  Fenny West on Mon 14 Apr 2008, 10:56 am

All things are possible

to those who believe
I have prayed the word of God
I know Iíll receive
The Word of God is so sure

Settled in heaven
It will accompliish
that which pleases Him

CH:I believe so I will see
I believe so I will receive
I believe and so I speak
My confession will bring a manifestation xxxxx

If God says, 'Yes!'
Tell me who can say, 'No'
By two unchangeable things
It is impossible for God to lie.
His promises are, Yes and amen
in Christ Jesus
The Word gon out from His mouth
will not return to Him empty

God stands by His word
To bring it to pass
No a jot of Godís word
shall go unfulfilled

Heaven and earth shall pass away
but not the Godís word
Is there anything too hard
Too hard for the Lord?

To end
My confession will bring a manifestationxxxxxx
(All things ae possible)
I believe, I'll see; I believe, I'll see xxx


intro music

speak: v1,2,3,4

singv1, 2 CH: 3,4 x2

synchro+ harm v1,2 Ch

speak: The word of God is settled in heaven .

Heaven and earth shall pass away bur the word of God stand forever; it will not pass away.

The word is nigh thee, it is in your mouth, even the word of faith

Speak the word, Believe the word, act on the word, and it shall surely come to pass.

Godís word does not return to Him void. It accomplishes that which He pleases, prospers in the thing whereunto it is sent.

God said, ďI stand by my word to perform itĒ

Has He spoken? Shall He not bring it to pass? Shall He not make it good?

By two unchangeable things- His word and His oath, it is impossible for God to lie. The word of God is powerful, it is active, it is dynamic, it is living, it is sharper than any two-edged sword.

Stand on the word- on the revealed will of God on the rhema that you have received from God, and it shall surely come to pass


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