Principles of the Elect people of God

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Principles of the Elect people of God

Post  Wanderer on Wed 16 Apr 2008, 11:24 am

PRINCIPLES of the Elect people of God,
who in Scorn are Called QUAKERS
A salutation of the salvation to all people in that which is called Christendom, for them to come in at the door, which is Christ the light, by which every one is enlightened that comes into the world, John 1:9 by Christ the light which is the way to God, John 14:6, and the door out of the world through which they must enter in unto the Father from the world, and from darkness, and death, and the dower of it, into covenant with God, through the door Christ; and this is the light, in which light you see all your evil actions, you have evilly acted; and all your ungodly deeds you have ungodly committed; and all your ungodly thoughts you have ungodly thought, and all your hard ungodly speeches you have spoken. The light with which Christ has enlightened you is that which makes manifest all that is contrary to it. The same light makes manifest the Savior from whom it comes, and makes manifest Christ to be the covenant of light and life through which you may come to have peace with God.
I say the same light makes manifest to you (if you love it) that Christ is the mediator between you and God,1Tm 2:5; the same light makes manifest Christ the offering for your sins, and the sins of the whole world, Heb 1:3. The same light makes manifest that [url= 14:6;&version=9;]Christ is the Way, the Truth, the life, John 14:6, [/url]and the Word of God, by whom all things were made and created, John 1:1-3; and the same light makes manifest Christ to be the wisdom of God, and the power of God, 1 Cor 1:24, and the sanctification, and the justification; and the redemption, to sanctify, and to justify, and to redeem from that which the light makes manifest to be evil, which lets and holds in the separation from God.
And this light is within, by which all these things are seen; and you that love this light, you will see all these things above mentioned: Christ the mediator, Christ the Way, the life, the wisdom, the sanctifier, the redeemer, the offering for your sins, and the sins of the whole world; in that light you will have the testimony of it; and so he that believes will have the testimony and witness in himself.
And so you all being enlightened with the light, receiving it, you receive Christ; you receive not darkness nor the prince of darkness; and as many of you as do receive Christ, to them he will give power to become the Sons of God; (mark) you shall have power through which you shall know sonship, and not only to stand against sin and evil, but become Sons of God.
And now, if you do hate this light, and go on in sin, and in evil thoughts, words, deeds, and actions, and will not come to the light, because it will reprove you; and love the darkness rather then the light, it will be your condemnation, John 3:19. That is the light which makes manifest to everyone of you, what you have done, said, thought, and acted, and which reproves you; and if you love the light, you love Christ, and love your salvation, and redeemer, and sanctifier, and the offering for sin, and see him which makes an end of sin, and destroys the devil which brought it in, and his works, he that destroys brings in everlasting righteousness in you. But, as was said before, if you hate this light, and go on in sin and evil, that will be your condemnation; for this light is with you at your labors, and in your beds, and in your occasions, and tradings, showing all your words and all your thoughts, deeds and actions; which if you love it, it will lead you into the new life, from the old, out of the separation, and degeneration from God his life, and image; and with the light you will see Christ a King to rule you, who has all power in heaven and earth given to him. And with the light you will see him a prophet, to open to you, and a priest to offer for you to the Father; and in the light you will see more light; it shining in your hearts it will give you the Knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ your Savior, 2 Cor 4:6 . And with the light you will see the kingdom of heaven within, that never consented to sin and evil; like unto a grain of mustard-seed, the leaven that leavens into the new lump. And with this light you will see the field, which is the world, set in your hearts, where the pearl is hid, and with what you may dig to find the pearl, the power of God; and what you must sell for its sake to purchase the field.
And in this light waiting, you will receive the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter to lead you into all Truth, and to bring to your remembrance the words which Christ spoke; and it will show you things to come, and take of Christ’s, and give unto you. So loving the light, you love Christ. Receiving it, you receive Christ, the first and the last; for in the light, Christ is seen and felt, his Voice heard, and he followed. So in the light you will see Christ to be your Teacher, who said, learn of me, I am the Way, the Truth, and the life, through whom Eternal life is given; and you are brought again to the shepherd, Christ, who plucks you out of the fall, up to God in his image, where the fresh pastures of life are known and fed upon. And no man comes to the Father (said Christ) but by me, who enlightens every man and woman that comes into the world, that through the light they might believe. And further, said, believe in the light, while you have the light, that you may be children of it, John 12:36. So you are enlightened, through which, if you believe, you may become children of the light, and heirs of the promise and mercy, and of the power of an endless life; and believing in the light, you pass from death to life, and from darkness to light, and so come to know a [url= 26:18;&version=9;]translation from darkness to light, [/url][url= 26:18;&version=9;]and from the power of Satan to God, Acts 26:18[/url]; and know the begetting of God up into his image through his power, as you have been begotten from God, and lost his image by the prince of darkness; and so translated from the image of God into the image of Satan; from Christ's power, into the power of darkness.
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