A to Z of What He is to me and can be to you (part2)

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A to Z of What He is to me and can be to you (part2)

Post  Fenny West on Wed 25 Jun 2008, 9:07 am

King, King of Glory (Ps.24:7), Key to breakthrough

My king, King of kings and Lord of Lords,
(1Tim.6:15),praises to you I bring. Let the valleys ring the praise of my King. He is sovereign, raises kings and pulls down kings.

Lord, Life, Lamb, Life of my Life; Light, Light of my Light, Love, Lover, Lord of Glory

Lover of My Soul, Life Cover, Lily of the Valley, Lion of Judah, Life Giver

O Lord, Life of my life, Lover of my soul, Lily of the Valley, that you for your life in me, live your life through me. light my life with your life and light. Reign in me, captivate my heart with your desire, passion and will. You are my love, my Lord of Glory. Lion of Judah shut the mouths of very other lion as you did for Daniel.

Mediator, Messiah, Mighty God (Isa. 9:6), Master (Mark 12:14), Most High, Music and Song,

Most Holy, Most Mighty (Ps.45:3) He is majestic, magnificent, magnanimous, marvelous, mysterious, more than enough, Maker of heaven and earth, mind-blowing, more than a conqueror, more beautiful than silver, more costly than gold, my peace, my all, my love.

My Mediator, thank you for bridging the gap between God and I. my sins were heaped on You as you died on the cross for me. Mighty God, Master, master every aspect of my life. I bring everything to the subjection of your will. Most High, You are the music and song of my life- Most Holy and Most Mighty.

New and Living Way

My New and Living Way, thank you for paving a new path for me. I walk in this path with my hands in your hands, as you lead. I trust you to lead me to my desired haven.

Oasis in the desert, Omnipotent (Matt28:18), Omniscient (Col.2:3), Omnipresent God (Matt.18:20)

Lord , You are the Oasis in the deserts of life. I can find sweet repose and assured revitalisation in Your streams of life.

Peace, Power, Prince, Protection (tor), Pre Eminent One, Provider, Passover,

Passion, Physician, Priest, Prophet, my Priceless Possession

Prince of peace, my peace, who give peace that transcends all understanding, I bask in your very presence. Pre-eminent One, I crown you King. Provider and my Passover, thank You for the shed blood that speak better things than the blood of bull and goats. Glory be to you for the Passion that held you on the cross. You are my Passion, the reason for my living, my Physician, priest and prophet. Your word is life to me. You are my treasure and pleasure .

Qualifier for favour,

Thank you for all your promises that are yea and amen in Christ. Thank for the unmerited favour that You have bestowed because of the blood that was shed for me.

Redeemer (Isa. 59:20) Rescuer, Rock, Resurrection and Life (John11:25), Ransom, (1Tim.2:6)

Rock of Ages Cleft for Me, Rock Higher Than I, Righteous Judge (2Tim. 4:Cool, Rest

Blessings and honour and praise, I ascribe to you, my Redeemer, Rescuer, Rock of ages in which I hide. My Resurrection and Life, ransom and Righteous judge, I bow down to you.

Saviour, Sweet Rose of Sharon(S of S 2:1), Sacrifice, Soon Coming King,

Sin Bearer, Sinless Saviour, Shepherd, Spotless Lamb, Sun and Shield,

Sun of Righteousness, Star, Sure Foundation (Isa.28:16), how glorious marvellous, and victorious is Your name sweeter than the honey in the honey comb.

True and Living God, Treasure,

Unchanging Changer (Heb.13:8, Mal. 3:6, Unlimited God, Unspeakable Gift (2Cor.9:15)

You said, “I am the Lord, I change not; Jesus Christ the same today, yesterday and for ever. You are unlimited, able to change while remaining the same. I trust you to change every thing that needs changing in my circumstances.

Very God, very Man, Vast , Venerable and Vital Divine Connection, trapped in humanity to fulfil the purposes of God for- to satisfy the righteous demands of a righteous God. You are vast and unsearchable; your mysteries are unfathomable. I revere and adore You. thank you for being my vital divine connection.

Wonder, Wonderful Saviour, Wonderful Counsellor (Isa9:6), Wisdom, Word of Life

What a wonder you are- a wonderful saviour, Counsellor and the Word of Life.

Xcellent One, God’s Son, Holy One of Israel, I worship you.

Yah Weh, Jehovah, the Way, the Truth and the Life

Zion’s Lion, Zeal, Zest, in crease my zeal, and zest for you and your kingdom. Amen and amen

This acrostic poem (mainly based on the Names of God) would greatly bolster your prayer and worship life a powerful ammunition that you should not be without.

©Fenny West



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