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I Jn.4: 16 Spirit Jn.4: 24 The Holy One Ps.16:10, The I Am Jn :8:58, Ex.6:3 The Alpha & Omega, The Beginning & End Rv.1:8 God Almighty Ex.6:3 A Miracle Working God Gal.3:5 The Creator of The World Jn.1:3, Jn.l:3 Infinite 1Kng.8:27 All Powerful Jer.32: 17, 27 All Knowing 1Jn3: 20 Ever Present Ps.139:1-13 Unchangeable Nu.23:19 JEHOVAH Ps.83:18 A Covenanted Making God Heb.10: 16 The Everlasting FATHER Isa.9:6 A Father Of Lights, Ja.1:17 A Father Of Mercies & God Of All Comfort 2Cor.1:3 The Author Of Salvation He.2:10 Full Of Power Ro.13:1 A God Who Raises The Dead 2Cor.1.9 A Quickening Spirit 1Cor.15:45 Mighty To Save Isa.63:1 Our Maker Isa.54:5 Our Heavenly Father Mt. 6 The Justifier Of The One Who Has Faith In Jesus Rom. 3:26 Meeting Our Needs Through Jesus Ph.4:19 Giving Us The Peace That Surpasses Understanding Ph.4: 7 Jesus Of Nazareth Jn 19:19 The Door Of The Sheep Jn.10 The Way, Truth & Life Jn.14:6 The Prince Of Peace Isa.9:6 The King Of Kings & Lord of Lords Rv.17:14 The Lamb Of God Rv.5:6 The Bread Of Life Jn.6 48-58 The Bright & Morning Star Rv.22:16 The Light Of the Word Jn.8:12 Immanuel Isa. 7:14 Wonderful Counselor Isa.9:6 That Great Shepherd Of The Sheep He.13:20 The Head Of The Church Eph.1:22 JESUS Mt.1:21 The Same Yesterday, Today & Forever Faithful & True He.13:8 A Sure Foundation Isa 28:16 upholding All Things By The Word Of His Power He.1:3 Watching Over His Word To Perform It Jer. 1:12 A Rewarder Of Those Diligently Seek Him Heb:11:6 No Respecter Of Persons Acts 10:34 The True Light John 1.9 The Author & The Finisher Of Our Faith He.12:2 Mediator Of The New Covenant Of The New Covenant He. 9:15 The Truth Jn.14:6 Working In Us He.13:21 Greater In Us Than He That Is The World Jn 4.4 Unto Us Wisdom, Sanctification & Redemption 1Cor.1:30 For Us Ro. 8:31 Never Leaving Us Or Forsaking Us He.13:5 Always Leading Us In Triumph In Christ 2Cor.2:1 Faithful Over His House He.3:1-6 Ruler Of The Kings Of The Earth Rv.1:5 Our Lord & Our God Jn.20:28 Our Life Jn 11:25-26 Our Savior Lk.2:11 Our Redeemer Isa-48:17 Our Teacher Mt.28:18 Our Healer Isa.53.5 Our Deliverer Ro. 11:20 Our Resurrection Jn 11:25 Our Justification Rom. 3.26 Our Strength Ph.4:13 Our Righteousness 1Cor.1:30 Our Peace Eph. 2.14 Our Advocate 1Jn.2:1 Our Faithful High Priest he.9:11 10:21 Our Bridegroom Mt.9:15 Our Hope Of Glory Col.1:27 Pleased To Give Us The Kingdom Lk.12:32 Equipping Us Eph.4:11-16 Giving Us Revelation Knowledge 1Cor.2:10-13 Giving Us The Keys To The Kingdom Mt.16:19 Giving Us His Name Mk.16:17-18 Giving Us The HOLY SPIRIT Lk.l1:13 & Ac.2:38-39 Anointing Us For Service 1Jn.2:20 Filling Us With Wisdom & Spiritual Understanding Eph.1:17 Giving Us His Armour Eph.6:10-18 Providing Us Angels He.1:14 Faithful To Complete The Work He Began In Us Ph. 1:6 Rich In Mercy Ps.136 Teaching Us How To Profit, Leading Us In The Way We Should Go Isa 48:17 Giving Us All Things To Enjoy 1Ti.6:17 Saying We1l Done My Good & Faithful Servants Mt.25:21 Receiving All The Glory 1Cor. 10:31 Worthy of all Praise Ps. 18.3 Saying To Everyone, “Surely I am Coming Quickly.” Amen


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