Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 1:7)

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Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 1:7)

Post  Waqar Daniel on Sat 12 Jul 2008, 5:54 pm

as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them, in like manner to these, committing fornication, and going away after other flesh, laid down an example before-times, undergoing vengeance of everlasting fire. (Jude 1:7) LITV
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha
What their sin and punishment were may be seen in Genesis 19, and the notes there. This is the third example to illustrate what is laid down Jude 1:4

Are set forth for an example
Both of what God will do to such transgressors, and of the position laid down in Jude 1:4 viz., that God has in the most open and positive manner declared that such and such sinners shall meet with the punishment due to their crimes.

Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire
Subjected to such a punishment as an endless fire can inflict. Some apply this to the utter subversion of these cities, so that by the action of that fire which descended from heaven they were totally and eternally destroyed; for as to their being rebuilt, that is impossible, seeing the very ground on which they stood is burned up, and the whole plain is now the immense lake Asphaltites.

Jude talks of certain false teachers who crept in to the Church and tried to damage it.
For certain men stole in, those of old having been written before to this judgment, ungodly ones perverting the grace of our God into unbridled lust, and denying the only Master, God, even our Lord Jesus Christ. (Jude 1:4) LITV
Jude gives them examples of Sodom and Gomrrah, and fallen out angels, and tells the congregation about the fate they met for disobedience.

Jude in this chapter reminds the congregation who God is and what power and authority He has and what destruction these tyrants will bring upon them due to their ignorance.
But what things they do not know, they speak evil of these. And what things they understand naturally, like the animals without reason, they are corrupted by these. Woe to them, because they went the way of Cain, and gave themselves up to the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the speaking against of Korah! These are sunken rocks in your love feasts, feasting together with you, feeding themselves without fear, waterless clouds being carried about by winds, fruitless autumn trees, having died twice, having been plucked up by the roots; wild waves of the sea foaming up their shames, wandering stars for whom blackness of darkness has been kept to the age. (Jude 1:10-13) LITV
Jude warns us all of the false preachers and teachers who in the name of reasoning fall prey to deception of satan and lead others to destruction too.
But you, beloved, remember the words spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, because they told you that at the last time there will be mockers following ungodlinesses according to their lusts. These are they setting themselves apart, animal-like ones, not having the Spirit. But you, beloved, building yourselves up by your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, eagerly awaiting the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to everlasting life. (Jude 1:17-21) LITV


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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