The Debut horse ride of a Preacher

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The Debut horse ride of a Preacher

Post  Fenny West on Mon 14 Jul 2008, 3:39 pm


Wicklow, Dublin, was the venue

Of this August horse -ride debut

Not long after I had preached

to the faithful to have faith in God.

the test for me could not be too sooner

After dinner it was time for me to show

‘We have a horse -ride in our menu you know’

Said the Pastor, much to my delight

It was too much of good news

Tell me, how could I refuse? Would you?

Majestically we three and dog, strode out

My fate and faith would soon be found out

History was about to be made in Wicklow

What my ancestors did not do I was about to do

We were fishermen, with no business with riding horses.

My host gave me lesson one on getting on the saddle

It sounded easy so I climbed with little struggle

A bearded cameraman was waiting in the wings

and so was the dog, Hurricane, I wondered why.

This was a day to be remembered for the rest of my life.

The Man of God was still holding the horse

But the horse began to shake like a leaf let loose

‘What’s going on?’ I wondered, ‘Does the horse not like me?’

‘Am I about to meet my Maker? What have I done?’

“Hold on tight”, was the counsel, but it fell on deaf ears.

The sermon I preached quickly evaporated there

As the horse increased the shaking to higher gear

In a twinkling of an eye, fear had suddenly surmounted faith

In panic I was now aggravating the horse in a shaking spree

I saw in my mind’s eye, that I was flung into the air

I was not going to wait for that prophecy to be fulfilled.

So I launched a preemptive self- rescue plan.

I flew into the air with reckless abandon, man

And as I did, one of my shoes took off in another direction.

There was so much pandemonium that left the horse in a state

Of shock but the dog was in a glorious, hilarious glee

As were my host and other onlookers

Hurriedly in a one fell swoop, Hurricane

the dog, grabbed the shoe and ran in Hurray!

No sooner had I landed on my ignominious

Flight than I got up, partly in agony,

but laughing all the same in pursuit of the dog

that had unceremoniously made away with my shoe.

It was raucous laughter all around though I was badly shaken.

The chase continued and pictures were faithfully taken-

A permanent record that I could never deny.

That debut nearly left a bitter taste in my mouth

My faith was in question but the comedy was in no doubt.

Next time when the Master says,

‘Hold on! Fear not’. Heed His counsel. Obey

Because it could save you loads

of embarrassment and even your life

That was a horse-ride of a life time

I have never ridden any horse since then.

Getting on one will take a lot of convincing.


Fenny West
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Re: The Debut horse ride of a Preacher

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 18 May 2010, 8:10 pm

This was funny the first time I read it. Enjoyed very much! Blessings.

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