Don't Be Intimidated!

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Don't Be Intimidated!

Post  Fenny West on Sun 17 Aug 2008, 1:34 pm

When I was in high school, there was a fellow who loved to slap me around. He was 6’6” tall and weighed 250 pounds. I was only 6’ and weighed about 156 pounds. Every time he came near me, he’d hit me on the head or trip me.

I took his abuse all through 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. If he slapped me, I’d just say, “Pardon me, I ran into your hand.” I was intimidated!

But one night I was standing in front of the mirror, flexing my muscles. I started talking to myself. “Schambach,” I said, “nobody can whip you. Look at those muscles. Just let him try to touch you again. The next time he lays a hand on you, turn around and knock his block off!”

In school the next day, I didn’t have to wait too long. As I walked down the hallway, guess who came walking toward me – there were giants in the land! As we approached each other, there was a turmoil inside of me. Part of me wanted to let him have it, and part of me wanted to run!

But I breathed a sigh of relief when he passed me and didn’t do anything. It looked like I wasn’t going to have to fight after all. But just then – BAM! Something hit me alongside my head. That was it! I threw my books down and shouted, “Hold it!”

He turned around and hit me again. “I’ve been waiting for someone to challenge me,” he sneered. I was so scared I could hardly talk. Finally I managed to speak. “You’ve hit me for the last time,” I said.

He started running at me. Then there were two hits – I hit him and he hit the floor! He was out like a light. All this time, he had a glass jaw and I never knew it.

Now, I am not recommending that you deal with your relationships this way. But that fight taught me a spiritual lesson. A timid faith will be intimidated. The devil will keep goading you and intimidating you – keep you locked up in bondage. But you don’t have to take it! Get in there with your fists up and let him have it. Bully him around for a change!



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