The Christian Attempt To Hide The Gospel

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The Christian Attempt To Hide The Gospel

Post  LivinginChrist on Thu 21 Aug 2008, 8:06 pm

By: Hanna Henderson

It's becoming increasingly popular for Christians who share their faith with others to attempt to make the gospel more appealing by "repackaging" it with something else. That something else may range from the display of magic tricks to tributes to the late Elvis Presley. The mainstream message of America's churches advertised on billboards emphasize to viewers the promise of visiting a church who's worship service is definitely not the usual.

Many people who are not anti-Christian refuse to visit their local churches for various reasons. Some of them are very good ones. Among those reasons is a total lack of spiritual fulfillment as the church continues to fail to effectively address the real problems people are facing. Instead of examining oneself to discover why the church is without answers and spiritual power, Christian leaders persist in altering the gospel to make it more appealing.

What does such behavior say about the God of Israel? Is he so boring that he must be "dressed up" before being presented to others? Is the gospel of Jesus so unpopular that no one will listen to it unless it's first "spiced up" with something else?

Finally, one may ask if such a method is effective in drawing the people to the gospel? The answer to such question would be positive if one only considers the increased number of parishioners that some churches reap from their campaigns. However, the answer is negative if one considers the increasing violence and ungodliness that now plague America. While some churches may be filling up with members, most of those members are not being filled up with the Spirit of Christ who came to destroy the works of the devil (KJV, 1 John 3:8). Consequently, such works are allowed to flourish.

Nicky Cruz, the author of "Run Baby, Run", a best-selling autobiography, shares his testimony of how God saved him from life on the streets as a member of a most ruthless gang. He recounts how the gospel was presented to him. It wasn't "sugar-coated", it wasn't "fixed", nor was it disguised. It was the gospel of Jesus in full power which rescued him from a wretched life. It was the gospel that was presented according to biblical instruction which tells the Christian to simply present the full gospel message of Jesus and let him do the rest.

The scripture of St. John 12:32 records Jesus saying, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." Why do so many Christian leaders continue to hide the one that is to be lifted up?

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