From Condemnation to Salvation

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From Condemnation to Salvation

Post  Fenny West on Mon 25 Aug 2008, 2:35 pm

From Condemnation to Salvation
Sinner to saint
Righteousness of self to righteousness of God
Slavery to Freedom of freedoms.
Deadness to life in Christ.

I was a religious man
self-righteous, far away
Outside His divine plan
I cherished my way

Sang godly songs
Did some good things
Yet I was so, so wrong
Ignoring King of kings

Fornication was no bother
Lying and cheating was Ok
Covered myself in rags rather
Garment of leaves was Ok.

They told me about the Way
But I shrugged it aside
They said it was Salvation Day
With the Devil I had a ride.

Then in nineteen eighty-one
He came right into my room
The Holy One, God’s Son
He asked me, 'Any room?'

'Room for what?' I wondered.
'I go to Church, been baptised
Besides, I have not murdered
Congratulate me, I ‘ve tried!'

'Are you a child of God?' He quizzed

'I don’t know what you mean?
I thought everyone is,' I quipped

'If you die where will you spend eternity?'

'I am not sure about that
What must I do to be saved?'

'How can I wear the Christian hat?
How can I be washed, delivered?'

'Except a man be born again
He cannot see my Kingdom.
His sin-stain, sickness, remain.
He is far away from freedom.'

'I confess Jesus as Lord
Please forgive me of my sin
I receive this day your Word
Lift me out of this cruel bin.'

'Break down this prison gate
Remove these bars of iron
Open for me heaven’s gate
Make me a citizen of Zion'

'Wash me whiter than snow
Write my name in your book of life
Let your blood ceaseless flow
Plead my case for abundant life.

'You’re my Saviour and Friend
My Lover and Owner
You’ll stay with me till the end
My Alpha and my Omega!'


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