What is God Doing?

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What is God Doing?

Post  Believer on Mon 08 Sep 2008, 7:02 pm

What is Satan's Strategy when he Tempts People to Follow him Instead of God?

1. God could be lying.
2. God could be holding back on her.
3. Eve wanted more than what she has, she wanted to become like God.

However, if we read a little deeper, we can see that other issues are also involved.

4. Deception, Satan is hiding his identity from Eve so she will not feel alarmed. She did not know she was in danger!
5. Also, not knowing who Satan was, Eve did not know what the issues were that she was facing.
6. Through his talk with Eve, he encouraged her to listen to her feelings instead of following what God had told her to do. Satan played on Eve's emotions to get her to want to become like God herself.

Eve apparently did not realize that the enemy was right in front of her, nor did she realize that she was in danger. Satan was attacking her for the rulership of the earth, yet she did not realize it. So she didn't fight at all. Instead, she was now following her feelings. She now had the desire to be like God and her feelings told her that she wanted it no matter what the arguments against it might be.

Since that time, Satan has used these same three strategies against the human race, especially in our day.

If it feels good, do it. Our world with sensational commercials, new high tech gadgets and peer pressure is designed to have us act according to our feelings or desires. If we see a car we want, we buy it. For many people, it doesn't seem to matter that financial trouble will come as a result.

In the work place, the politics are often heavy. People are tempted to do what it takes to get ahead rather than do what is right. White lies are considered politically correct if the end justifies the means.

In today's world, nobody is considered honest. It seems that when a TV show or some other entity tries to test the public, they find that almost everybody has a price. If we see an advantage to lie just a little bit, the person does it. Morals has slipped to an all time low.

Now, what about Satan concealing himself. Well, while most people believe that there is a God, most people do not believe that there is a devil. I believe, that Satan and his evil angels have worked very hard to convince us that Satan and his evil angels do not really exist.

When the devil comes to mind , we immediately start thinking of a cartoon figure with horns, tail, and a pitchfork! To most people, especially the educated, if you try to have a serious conversation concerning the devil, you will be laughed out of the room.

The seriousness of the battle between good and evil has become a laughingstock. There is no sense of danger. No sense of life and death struggle. So it is very easy to see why Satan would want to keep their true identity a secret. It gives them the advantage of surprise. They are attacking us and we are not even aware of their presence nor are we aware of our own danger. So most of us do not fight when Satan or one of his evil angels attacks us. Just like Eve, most of us are defenseless against the attacks of Satan. It is through deceit that Satan and his angels will try to rule the earth and we are the prime target of his lies.

Also, to increase their hold on the human race, Satan has sought to separate God from mankind. Our connection with God is our only defense, so Satan is training his attack where it will be the most destructive.

Satan wants to keep us away from the Bible. He has done this by either destroying the Bible physically as was done in the dark ages, or by destroying the Bible without actually doing away with it. This is done by destroying people's trust in the Bible.

One way to destroy people's trust in the Bible is to drive the thought of God out of the minds of people through the theory of Evolution.

Satan has been extremely successful where the Bible is not known. Much of the world worships evil spirits because they seem to have no alternative. However, in places where people have access to God's word, some of the people have been able to fight back by connecting themselves with God their maker.

So one of Satan's strategies has been to destroy any knowledge of God. In today's world, he has not been able to do that, at least in the west; So instead, he has made the story of Creation a laughingstock.

Those who are educated and those "in the know" realize that the story of the Creation and the flood is just a fairy tale just like all the other children's stories. Evolution has established a different kind of reality in their mind. It is the battle of the fittest that they struggle with every day to survive the politics and pressures of the work day.

This elimination of the Biblical book of beginnings has also helped people to realize that the Devil never really existed and that it is OK to make little while lies. Everything fits together.

Because of the purpose that the theory of Evolution has filled in our world; Because of the influence it has over our world; Because it has helped to change the philosophy of the way people live in our world. I believe Evolution to be a religion. In addition I have seen the Evolutionary community present their material as if it was a pep-rally. I thoroughly believe that Satan and his evil angels are behind the movement.

Another belief that Satan has encouraged is this:

Satan has convinced most people that when we die, we do not really die. Instead, most people believe, that we immediately go to heaven, hell, or possibly purgatory. Others believe that we go around as spirits.

The Bible is very clear. When people die, they return to dust and the breath of life goes back to God. Also, the Bible says that when a person dies, his thoughts perish. The person no longer knows anything until Jesus will come in the clouds of glory in the last days. It is then and only then that the dead will be brought back to life.

Many times when we go to the checkout stand of the grocery store, we see various stories in the tabloids displaying an out of body experience. Or someone who died on the operating table and are able to see the doctors working on their dead body before they are called back to become alive again.

Why would Satan use this lie? I am aquainted with a young boy who says that his grandmother appears to him in the sky and tells him that she is watching him. She also says various things which I know are very different from what the Bible teaches. Any person believing these lies are in danger of being deceived by Satan's evil angels and they can very easily fall into their trap.

This belief is really dangerous! Satan's group of workers can use people's belief that the dead are not really dead to actually talk to them. This way Satan can get his deceptive message to these people who think they are being helped by their ancestors. They will not have their guard up, rather they will be inclined to accept everything that they hear from the demon.

Article Source: What God is doing?
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