Born with a Wooden Spoon

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Born with a Wooden Spoon

Post  Fenny West on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 4:59 am

Some were born with
Silver spoon in mouth.
Others born with no spoon,
But this lad was born
With wooden spoon in his mouth.

Born outside wedlock,
He soon ran out of luck;
Given a bed of nails,
A stone for pillow;
Rejected from the start,
Oh, how it cut through the heart.

There was no hope for him,
Carted out like chattel,
Houseboy, used and abused.
Woken up by the cane,
His back had ridges and furrows.
Whips left their tracks, dark imprints.

His suit case was a tin can.
When woken up early,
He slept in the toilet;
Pretended with grunt
When he heard footsteps;
Quickly flushing the toilet.

But he could dance so well,
So became the entertainer.
‘Hey, come and dance’
They beckoned, from time to time.
Behold Samson grinding;
See Medianites’ entrapment.

In primary school, but
No hope for secondary.
A slave amongst brethren,
Sold out to please.
He had no childhood;
and had no toys, lived in fear;
Did not know his dad,
Until within his teens.

But God was merciful,
He had a plan for him;And a good plan at that.
Made a way for free secondary;Another way for scholarship;
Yet another for England;
‘t was like the eagle landed.

But he was born blind
And remained blind as a bat,
Until that day he saw the light.
Peckham was the womb.
After the lush woman was gone.
The sin-sick was made whole.
God took complete control.
He saved his wretched soul.
He was no longer damned;
Was reconciled with God.
And now heavenward bound
His name written in the Book;
Yes, the big Book of Life!
He now has eternal life.
From the dead, brought back to life.
'Lazarus, come forth!
And Lazarus came forth!'

But the war was not over.
The wounds and scars remained.
Nursed with the balm of Gilead
His mind had to be renewed.
For he was still a babe and had to grow.
He craved, pined for the Milk, drank and grew.

But before he crawled, Satan struck,
Like he did when Jesus was born.
He sent thieves to dent his faith.
Then came another arrow, Legality,
Followed by a cash-crash and crisis.
It was truly a credit-crunch, mammoth.

Then the Most High sent His angel, Michael,
Who swooped like mother eagle,
Doing what was just a miracle.
But rejected in the Promised Land,
He sought refuge in Egypt, Ireland.
Sadly, there again he was rejected;
Had to go underground for five
There ravens brought him food.
He drank from the brook,
Till the brook ran dry.
Then God sent him to the poor widow.
She had just enough to eat and die.
She obeyed God’s command,
And she was blessed with music and song.
Her jar of oil and cruse of meal
Did not dry out, as God refilled.

The battle continued to rage.
Lucifer lusted for his soul.
He hated God’s good plans.
Sent another batch of thieves
To steal his music-making machine.
Also sent Giant Despair, Vanity,
Mrs. Diffidence and Hopelessness.
They conspired, put him in a dungeon.
‘Let see who can deliver you.’ they taunted.

But He who sits in heaven laughs.

‘Why do the heathen rage?
Why do they conspire, huff and puff
like lions, hyenas and Goliath?’

‘Yea, though he walks through
The valley of the shadow of death,
He will fear no evil.
When he goes through the water,
He shall not drown.
When he goes through the fire,
The flame will not kindle on him.
Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
I will be like the fourth Man.
He shall not even smell of smoke,
He’ll be refined, reflecting My glory.
He shall smell like rose,
Come forth like gold.
Stumbling blocks shall be turned
Into lifts, stepping stones.
I will be with him in trouble.
He shall call upon Me
And I will answer him.
I will set him on high because
he acknowledges My Name.
With long life will I satisfy him
And show him my salvation.’

‘Plan your wicked plans,
And they shall all be annulled.
Forge your weapons
And they shall not prosper.
A thousand may fall at his side,
Ten thousand at his right hand,
But the evil will not come near him.
I have given my angels charge over him,
To keep him in all his ways.
He is the apple of My eyes-
Divine territory, My inheritance
My treasured possession.
Whoever touches him touches Me.
Whom I have blessed you cannot curse.’
The blood speaks for him
And He is coming out
With a great substance.
He is redeemed the redeemed of the Lord,
Redeemed from curse the curse of the law.
Abraham’s blessings are His.
I have saved him. I am saving him,
And I will save him.
And there is nothing
you can do about it.
This set-back is a set-up for a lift-up-
A set-up for a great come-back.'

'When you crucified the King of Glory,
You raved, had a party, "We got Him!
We got Him!", you chanted, in glee.
But on the third day He rose! Glory!
That is My plan for my saints-
blood bought and blood-kept.'

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