My beloved

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My beloved

Post  baby_blue4u on Mon 12 Jan 2009, 12:36 am

I was dreaming of the holy city
I was wearing my wings
I looked up and saw a door way to heaven
I heard You call to me
You said come up here come up now my beloved

And I said i want to fly Oh Lord
Like and eagle in the sky
I want to fly oh Lord
threw that doorway in the sky
Here I come Oh Lord, Here I come oh Lord

You said come up here come up now my beloved

Here I come Oh Lord, Here I come oh Lord
In the midst of heartache Oh God in the midst of brokenness Oh Lord
Even like John on the island of Patmos Oh Lord in the midst of persecution Oh Lord

I look up I look up Oh Lord
And i see in the heavens i see your door Lord standing wide open Lord
and I hear with my ears i hear your voice it sounds like a trumpet oh Lord and you are calling out to me child come up here beloved come up here and hear my voice come up here and see what i want to do

You are my beloved you are my beloved
Do you hear the voice of God sing you are my beloved you are my beloved and i am yours

You were created to worship Oh you children of God

Dont let anyone dont let anything
hold you back
Your Father is calling
Do you know the love do you feel the love of the passion of the Fathers heart for you beloved

Hear the father sing that you have sensed rejection He has watched you crying on your knees

So many times you have been alone child I have been crying out to you
Do you hear the reaction of my heart oh child i am a Father longing to be with my children can you hear Me crying out

I never meant you harm my child will you stop rejecting Me and run to your Father so come up here I am waiting for you

(by Jason Upton) (Come up Here)


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