Three Kinds of People

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Three Kinds of People

Post  Fenny West on Fri 06 Feb 2009, 11:20 pm

Zig Ziglar
There are three kinds of people in life. There are those who live in the past, those who live in the future and those who live in the present and prepare for the future.

As we examine these three kinds of people, there are those who can tell you all about what happened in the past election, the past decade or even the past century, but they cannot identify the congressman from their district or the senators from their state. They can tell you about how good it was "in the old days," but they're not doing anything about making today better or tomorrow even better than today. They're the kind of people who, athletically speaking, "the older they get, the better they were."

Then there is the second type: the dreamers who live in the future. They are the great "gonna-be-ers" and the "gonna-do-ers" of tomorrow. They're going to make the sale that will put them on easy street for the rest of their lives, come up with the invention that will revolutionize mankind or write the great novel, which changes man's thinking and makes them wealthy so they can live happily ever after. But in the meantime, "Could you let me have a hundred dollars until my next paycheck comes in?"

And there are those who do the best they can today in preparing for tomorrow. They dream about and visualize tomorrow being infinitely better than today. They are the pragmatic dreamers -- those who build "castles in the sky," but then proceed to lay a solid foundation under it so they can get to that castle. They are the people who let their past teach them and not beat them. They make decisions and take actions today, and if things don't work out today, they simply look for another way and a better way, and they go full speed ahead. Take that attitude and approach to life, and I will see you at the top!


Doing Your Best in a Lost Cause Makes You a Winner

Winners, regardless of the position their team might be in as far as the score is concerned, are always going to win.

One of the most impressive team efforts I've ever seen occurred during the Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl victory in 1993 over the Buffalo Bills. Everything that can go right for a team went right for the Cowboys, and everything that can go wrong for a team went wrong for the Bills. The Cowboys were leading the game 52-17. The game was virtually over; the Bills had the ball. However, they fumbled. As it hit the ground and bounced up, Cowboy Leon Lett, one of the premier defensive players in the game, grabbed it and lumbered toward the end zone.

When Lett was within 20 yards of the goal with a certain touchdown in his hands, he started doing a silly dance, holding the football away from his body. Don Bebe, an outstanding wide receiver for the Bills, was 10 yards behind, but he made up the 10 yards' difference and ran the 20 yards faster than Leon ran his 10. He slapped the ball away from Lett.

The game was over. There was no way the Buffalo Bills could win, but Don gave it a super-human effort and prevented that last touchdown. Incidentally, Don Bebe's effort kept the Bills from losing the most one-sided game in Super Bowl history.

Yes, a lot was at stake. The same can be true of each of us, regardless of our age or our job. When team or personal pride is at stake, and big effort makes a big difference, that's when winners show their colors.

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