Ten Minutes of Fame

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Ten Minutes of Fame

Post  Fenny West on Sat 07 Feb 2009, 4:12 pm

Have you heard my story?
Almost now history
The year, 1990
The place, Dublin City
Going down to Dalkey
After a World Cup bash
CamerounV England clash

Great glee did abound
Joyful sound all around
People enjoying the summer time
A great, great fun time

I waited for my train
and met some Irish fans
It came like a plane
In I hopped and so the fairly drunk fans
Some reeled with liquor cans
Little did I know their plans

For me, ten minutes fame was in store
After which I will want no more

All in a party mood,
Singing was now their food.
They would do it anywhere
The weather dull or fair

And more so after some beer;
Only this time I was to be the toy,
The toy to show their joy.

Cameroun, they cheered
Roger Miller they admired
Suddenly they came into my carriage
dancing and singing almost in a rage
I sat, mouth opened, taken aback
By the fun and the crack.

Then in a flash they spotted me
And Roger Miller, the Cameroun star,
they saw in me.
Heading straight for me
They gave me, a new name
‘Roger Miller! Roger Miller!!’
they chanted,
Swooping me off my seat
Now dangling in the air, my feet
I held my breath
Greeted my teeth
Held tight my kit.

Quickly I prayed
‘Lord, show me the way’

‘Join the play and win the day
Diffuse the flame, take the fame.’
He seem to say.

So with my hands in the air
I joined the cheer, song, and the fair

They carried me from carriage to carriage
Singing -'Oleee ole ole oleee
Olee, oleee ' xxx

I wondered when it would end.

Then they spotted an African lady.
Straight away, they headed towards her
and landed me almost in her laps.

The travellers had a laugh,
I had a laugh,
The revellers had a laugh
I had more, Ten minutes’ Fame.


©Fenny West2007


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