The Divinity of the Virgin from Nazareth

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The Divinity of the Virgin from Nazareth

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by Dr.Arsenio Esteras, Jr

The key event in the terrestrial life of the simple and obscure virgin from the notorious little town of Nazareth was the appearance before her of an angel of GOD in the serenity and solace of her humble dwelling place. It was not her natural conception in the womb of her natural mother that legend and not Sacred Scriptures identifies as Anne, the wife of Joachim that is the pivotal event in her earthly life.

From a strictly Scriptural stance, St. Thomas Aquinas was right. The virgin from Nazareth was not conceived without original sin. If she was, then the evangelists should have narrated it instead of the Annunciation. Indoctrinating the theory that the virgin from Nazareth was conceived without original sin is rendering the events and significance of the Annunciation irrelevant and anti-climactic. The Annunciation is clearly a re-affirmation of the transforming power of the word as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. The Immaculate Conception refers to the "blessed fruit" in the womb of the "blessed among women" and not the conception of the virgin in her human mother's womb. That is a myth. The Sacred Scriptures that the Son of Man followed and fulfilled do not highlight the natural birth of the virgin because it is entirely human and natural devoid of sanctifying value and divine intervention. The divine intervention was very explicit and showcased in the simple narrative of the Annunciation.

In the New Testament, the only other person whose conception and birth was announced by an angel in the divine person of Gabriel was John the Baptizer. It is simply to highlight and underscore the divine intervention or transforming power of the word of GOD that Zechariah the priest, Elizabeth's husband, doubted. Gabriel was compelled to penalize the priest. Zechariah became mute until the Baptizer was delivered from his mother's womb.

The doctrine of faith of the Roman Catholic Church that this humble fellow learned and assimilated and devoutly followed at the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas for more than a decade cited "Sacred Tradition" as the only source that the virgin from Nazareth was conceived and born without original sin. It is a categorical admission that such doctrine of faith is not found in the Holy Book of Truth that the Son of Man followed and fulfilled upon His epoch of a visit on this earth that is not His kingdom where His kingship does not reign.

OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST was emphatic and even verbalized so many times that the only book He followed and fulfilled is the Holy Book of Truth. He exclusively worked within the parameters of the only holy Book of Truth when He toured a portion of this earth. He never followed a tradition. The unequivocal Biblical fact is such that He hates and abhors tradition that nullifies and distorts His word. He hated it then. He hates it now and ever shall be. The gospel texts direct from the lips of the Rabbi that follows verbatim is the damning and irrevocable evidence:

Why do you for your part act contrary to the commandment of God for the sake of your "tradition"?.This means that for the sake of your tradition you have nullified God's word. You hypocrites! How accurately did Isaiah prophesy about you when he said: "This people pays me lip service but their heart is far from me. They do empty reverence, making dogmas out of human precepts" (Matthew 15: 3 9)

By definition, traditions are human practices and customs handed down from generation to generation. They are exclusively and uniquely human and not divine. Hence, there is nothing sacred about traditions. They are "dogmas out of human precepts". GOD and His angels, understandably, have no tradition for the simple reason that as divine beings they do not die and generate as human beings naturally do. What is there then to hand down with the passage of time when they are not subject to time and do not have descendants?

GOD abhors tradition because it is distinctly human and devoid of anything divine. It is not consistent with the Holy Book of Truth that He worked with upon His visitation. It is then unholy and anti-truth. His unconditional and unequivocal aversion to tradition is expressed with the way He addressed without human respect the religious authorities of the prevailing religion of the time He got entangled with who insist on their tradition. He called them frontally, "Fools" or "Hypocrites" or "brood of vipers". On the basis of human standards and ethics, such calls forwarded by the Son of Man on the bejeweled faces of respectable and eminent authorities of the Jewish religion are definitely uncalled for and censored. It is uncivilized and abrasive. But, who can censure such kind of Person whose words can make a paralytic walk or cause a fruitless fig tree to disintegrate instantaneously? Nobody can. His word is law above every law; His name above every other name. What He said was truth and nothing but the truth.

It is vital to emphasize that the Holy Bible is silent or did not bother about the conception and birth or biography of the virgin from Nazareth from birth up to the joyful and out-of-this-world phenomenon of the Annunciation because there was nothing extraordinary about it. It was an ordinary natural birth. The divine intervention in her life was the phenomenon of the Annunciation and not her conception and birth. The Holy Bible is very clear. Any narrative or anecdote about the virgin's life before and after the Annunciation outside the Holy Book of Truth is pure fantasy. It is the Annunciation that made her the "blessed among women". No other event in her life made her such. Stories abound about pre-Annunciation highlights or significant events on Mary's earthly life. They are at best legends and myths because they were written outside of the Holy Book of Truth that the Son of Man followed and fulfilled upon His glorious visitation. It is not part of the divine script. Insisting that it is consistent with Scriptures is a big lie. It is nothing but idolatry. What is Biblically evident though was that the simple virgin beauty from Nazareth was an ordinary faceless young woman unlike the captivating Cleopatra and the luscious Bathsheba before her.

At the momentous event of the Annunciation, the Almighty GOD through His angel and in His divine wisdom offered to the simple virgin from Nazareth the divinity that He, in the beginning, gave and not offered to the divine woman who became known as Eve who lost the divinity through temptation of the ancient viper. The simple virgin wholeheartedly accepted or complied with the divine invitation with the following meaningful response: "Be it done unto me according to thy word." Right there and then her whole life changed. The overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit transformed her from a human female to a divine woman who will no longer conceive the way human mothers do. In essence, then, the divinity that Eve lost through temptation in defiance of the word of GOD the simple virgin lass obtained through invitation in perplexing compliance with the word of GOD. Hence, upon her conception of the "blessed fruit" the virgin from Nazareth was no longer human but divine.

The undeniable Biblical facts that the Son of Man addressed her "Woman" on two pivotal events and never "mother" even as a child in the temple simply underscore the truth that He is GOD and not human and that the virgin from Nazareth has been cleansed off the mark of sin that blotted out her humanity and regained the divinity that was originally or divinely designed. The virgin from Nazareth at the Annunciation was the new Eve who complied with and not defied the word of GOD.

It was not the act of ingestion of the only forbidden fruit per se that transformed in an instant the woman planted in the garden by GOD from a divine woman to a human woman. It was the abandonment of the word, order or command of GOD willfully and wholeheartedly. The act of ingestion was just the evidentiary proof of what prevailed in and dominated the heart and mind of Eve. She deliberately embraced and harbored the words of the anti-GOD with which she owes nothing. The result was she became human, a contaminated divine person. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST never became human because, not only was He not conceived naturally, GOD who is one with Him transformed the natural virgin to a divine woman prior to His visit in much the same way that He changed gallons of water to gallons of finest wine at the wedding feast. Be cognizant of the absolute truth that the force and effect of the words of GOD do not change or diminish. It is the same at the Creation and upon His Visitation and through all eternity. It will still have the same omnipotence if and when He decides to re-visit this planet of recidivist gods. GOD is unchangeable. He makes all things new.

"How can this be since I do not know man?" Such question forwarded by the natural virgin from Nazareth was a direct testimony that she was a human being unmindful and innocent of divine or celestial events prior to His encounter with the angel who is an extraterrestrial person. She was actually well aware of terrestrial or natural life. She knows that she must have a man or a husband who will make love to her for her to become pregnant with child. She cannot imagine how she will get pregnant without having sex with the opposite gender. It defies human logic at its core and Natural law as well. Nonetheless, setting aside her perplexity over the incomprehensible invitation, she wholeheartedly submitted to it as a servant by saying, "I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word." It need not be overemphasized that it was by virtue of the transforming power of the word of GOD that created the whole universe that divinely changed the natural and simple virgin lady from human to divine that made her "blessed among women". Her blessedness as a divine woman was the necessary precious element that made her the mode of transport of GOD upon His visitation to his wayward creatures that He hoped to bring back in its divine original state to the garden He planted for them.

While it is true that He could have visited this world some other way He opted to make use of a woman in fulfillment of the Scriptures. Recall the prophecy He verbally issued frontally to the ancient serpent immediately after its successful enticement of the insanely defiant couple: "I will put enmity between you and the woman". The only way to create a permanent wedge between the woman and the ancient serpent was to cleanse the woman of the serpentine seal of sin that it savored and embraced upon the woman's delectable ingestion of the forbidden fruit. All human women then and now and in time to come possess in its being the serpentine seal of sin or the mark of Satan by virtue of the defiance of the word of GOD by Eve. In the fullness of time GOD chose a human woman, transformed her upon her humble compliance with His word and dwelt upon her to thus put an exclamation point that the enmity between the woman and serpent has been established as the herald to the salvation of humankind.

It is very clear that upon her conception of the Son of GOD the Blessed Virgin Mary of Nazareth was no longer human. She was divinized to the blessed "Woman of GOD" by virtue of the word of the omnipotent GOD.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will not pass away." True indeed! How can the word or utterance of the divine Person who created the whole universe pass away? Give it a thought! It is the same divine Person who uttered the word that made the virgin from Nazareth no longer human but divine.

Peace to everyone!

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