Healing of Blind Bartimaeus ( Musical)

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Healing of Blind Bartimaeus ( Musical)

Post  Fenny West on Sun 15 Feb 2009, 12:48 am

Jesus is passing by with His disciples
Jesus: Let’s go
There is lots of noise and cheers as a great crowd followings Him and His disciples as they leave Jericho

Bartimaeus: (overhears the commotion as he sat begging for arms by the street).
What’s going on? Somebody tell me. Is it a bomb scare? Are terrorists here again?

Passerby: No, it is Jesus of Nazareth.

Bartimaeus: Who? the Miracle Worker?

Passerby : Yes! You’re right. He is passing through this town

Bartimaeus: What! Move out of the way! Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!
( He struggles to meet Jesus, but the disciples stand in his way)

Disciple: Hey, hey, Stop there! Be Quiet! Our Master is busy. Do you have an appointment?

Bartimaeus What are you talking about? Appointment for what? You must be joking. I have to see Him today!

He shouts out louder: Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me!!

(Jesus hears him and tells the disciples to bring the man to Him.) Who is that?

It’s a blind man, disturbing the peace. I had to put him in his place.
There has to be protocol. He has no appointment.

Jesus: Bring him to Me. (disciple goes to get him)

Disciple: Cheer up! Our Master wants you.

(Rushes out to meet Jesus, throwing away his robe, and jumping up,
brushes aside the disciple, not waiting to be brought)

Jesus: ‘Yes, what can I do for you?

Bartimaeus. Teacher, I want to see.
Jesus: Go your way. Your faith has healed you.
(And instantly the blind man could see. Then he followed Jesus down the road
Mark 10:46-52)

Jesus Turned It All Around.
(Mtt.9:27-30; Mk.8:22-26)

Once upon a time,
I was going blind.
Once upon a time,
I had no hope
Once upon a time,
I groped in the dark.
But the Lord Jesus, came and turned it all around.

CH: Jesus, Jesus,
Son of the Living God.
You gave sight to me.
You gave hope to me.
And turned my darkness into light. (XXX to End)

Once upon a time
I camped in the valley.
Once upon a time
I wallowed in sin bin
Once upon a time
I was dead and stank
but Jesus turned it all around.

Bartimaeus, we were all born blind, spiritually. It is only Jesus who
can restore our sight. Jesus can heal not only physically but
spiritually too. Just as he gives the blind their sight, He can also
make the sin-sick whole.

So if you do not now Jesus as your
Saviour, you are spiritually blind. And as you come to Jesus and
acknowledge that you are blind- a sinner- and ask for forgiveness, He
will forgive you your sins and restore your spiritual sight. He will
reconcile you with the Father and give you peace that passes all
You too can have that New Birth experience if you will only believe.

Accept that you are a sinner; and that only Christ can save you.

that the price he paid on Calvary’s cross was sufficient for you; not
your good works. For it is by grace we are saved through faith, not of
works lets any one should boast.

Confess your sins to him; confess Him as Lord and Saviour; confess with your mouth and believe with your heart.

It is as simple as ABC.

*Something happened
Something happened inside

Something happened inside of me
Something happened
and I was set free
Something happened inside of me
And now I am a new man (being)

The stone was rolled away
and the dead (man) came alive
The stone was rolled away
and now I am a new man. (being)

happened inside of me. Something happened and I was set free. Something
happened deep down inside of me and now I am a new being. X 2


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