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Post  lisa1880 on Wed 11 Mar 2009, 9:26 pm

A former chaplain with the Virginia State Police says he had no choice but to step down after a new policy took effect requiring generic prayers at department events.

Last summer, Rex Carter and five others resigned from the volunteer chaplain program. The move came after a new rule was instituted that restricted prayers by the volunteer chaplains. Carter, who is still a State Police officer, said he had no other choice once he was told he could not pray in the name of Jesus.

He says many people in society today simply do not want to be confronted with the truth of the gospel of Christ.

"The cross reveals man at his worst. People don't want to look in the mirror and say, 'I'm just an old rotten sinner.' When you preach a precept like that, that bothers people," he notes. "So what do we do? Well, let's [quiet] people and let's let the Christian crowd be quiet because we don't want to hear that we serve a righteous and holy God, we don't want to hear there's judgment coming, we don't want to hear that there was a man who died for my sins."

Recently, a State Senate panel killed a bill that would have prohibited State Police officials from restricting prayers by volunteer chaplains.

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