Christian Woman Stoned to death by Muslims

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Christian Woman Stoned to death by Muslims

Post  lisa1880 on Mon 16 Mar 2009, 8:11 pm

Thieves Stone Christians, Killing Woman, for Going to Police
Group Wanted to "Teach a Lesson" to Christians after Robbed Man Reported Them

On March 2, 2009, a group of 25 Muslim radicals attacked the women and children of a Christian neighborhood in Pakistan while the male inhabitants were absent, killing one woman and injuring 12 other people. This attack was the culmination of several days of tension after a young Christian man registered a criminal case against a few Muslim youths who mugged him on February 26. Insulted that a Christian would register a case against Muslims, the attack was planned in order to "teach a lesson" to the Christian community.

According to Emmanuel Shad, an elder at the Sango Wali village's Presbyterian Church, 17-year-old Mr. Imran Masih was robbed by his Muslim neighbors while he was on his way home from work on February 26. The thieves physically assaulted him and st e incident.

The Muslim mob invaded the neighborhood and the church armed with guns, hockey sticks, stones and small weapons. After attacking the people in the neighborhood, the criminals damaged the doors and windows of the church and shouted demeaning statements against Christianity. The terrorists did not allow a local rescue team to provide first aid to those they had injured. They threatened anyone who tried to provide assistance to the injured or give information to the police, but finally dispersed when police arrived on the scene.

Ms. Shahkeela Bibi died on the spot and 12 others who were seriously injured were admitted to the civil hospital in Gujranwala. As of this morning, all of those injured have been discharged from the hospital.

The Christians did file a criminal case against the men who attacked them, but police have only arrested two of the 12 suspects named in the case so far. The husband of deceased Ms. Shahkeela Bibi was hesitant to pursue further legal a g to do with the robbery. There will be no true justice in Pakistan until the weakest in their society can see police as an ally instead of an enemy."

Source: Christian News Today Online

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Re: Christian Woman Stoned to death by Muslims

Post  Pastor on Tue 17 Mar 2009, 9:09 am

It is a sad news to read and I agree that there is no justice if weak, poor and minority in the society are not safe. I believe that police must have arrived late on the scene to the rescue of the Christians. I read a similar story where Christians were attacked in Indonesia while the service was and police arrived when they had desecrated the Church and killed and managed many. It is same everywhere in the muslim countries. Christianity is the most discriminated faith in the world. Thank you for posting this news story here.

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