The Promise of Easter!

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The Promise of Easter!

Post  Fenny West on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 11:42 am

On Good Friday darkness fell. The light of hope was quenched prematurely. The disciples hoped Jesus would set up His kingdom and overthrow the Romans but their dream was shattered as their Master was paraded like a criminal and crucified. It was the worst of their nightmares come true. They all forsook Him and fled in fear that they would be rounded up soon and forced to face a similar music.

They were surprised that their Master was overpowered or simply did not care. They had left their livelihood hoping for something better but were not now not only unemployed but their lives were on the line. For how long will they remain under cover without being tracked down?

Was it all worth the trouble? What did the future hold for them?

Although Jesus had hinted them about the cross and the resurrection, it did not register in their minds as they looked at the future in complete hopelessness.

Even the demon spirits who rejoiced that they had crucified Jesus, were unknowingly playing into God’s Hands. They had crucified an innocent Man. In so doing, the righteous demands of a just God was fulfilled: a sinless Man paid the price- his precious blood- to redeem man, reconcile man and God.

And when the sacrifice was accepted, Jesus had to be raised on the third day according to the scriptures. ‘After the suffering of His soul He will see the light of life and be satisfied. By His knowledge shall my righteous servant shall justify many.’ (Isa 53:11) ‘You will not allow your holy one to see decay.’ (Ps16:10).

What then is the Promise of Easter?

The greatest promise of Easter is that whoever accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour would pass from death to life. They will live forever in the presence of the Lord if they die in the natural. Our sins can be forgiven if we confess them and put our trust in the Lord. Heaven can be our home. The names of all those who have been washed are in the Lamb’s Book of life.

Also before He died on the cross, Jesus knew He would rise again and told His disciples. Although they did not understand Him, it did not prevent His word from coming to pass.

There are promises God has made that are unconditional. They will come to pass whether we like it or not. One of them is the resurrection. Another is His second coming which will be preceded by the rapture. God’s Word will not fall to the ground. Are you ready for Him?

Apart from these unconditional promises there are other promises that are conditional. These could be personal promises or promises in the Bible and so long as we fulfill the conditions, God will fulfill His side of the bargain. It may not be in our time frame but God will see to it that the word that has proceeded out of His mouth do not return to Him empty.

Hence in spite of the deadness of your dream as it was for the disciples, Easter promises hope, light, resurrection, possibility in Christ. Look to Jesus, the Author and finisher of your faith. The good work He has begun in you , He will complete. Keep taking steps of faith. Keep holding on o the promises, like Joshua and Caleb, regardless of the giants. Take sides with God who made the promises and the giants you see. Say to yourself: ‘If the Lord delights in me, He will bring me into my promised land. These giants will be bread to me. I believe God and I am fully persuaded that it shall be even as it was told me. If God be for me, who can be against me? Nay in all these things I am more than a conqueror. If God did not spare His Son but delivered Him up to suffer and die for me, how shall He not with Him also freely give me all things? Yes, I may be hard-pressed but I will not be in despair.

I may be persecuted but I know that God has not abandoned me. He said: I will never leave you nor forsake you until the end of the age. I have God who is ever-present. I may be knocked down but I am not knocked out. God will use my obstacles to make me more prepared for the glory that is coming. If I suffer with Him, then I will be ready to reign with Him. I may be experiencing my Friday, but my Sunday (Easter) is on the horizon in Jesus Name!


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