Help God to Help You

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Help God to Help You

Post  Fenny West on Wed 29 Apr 2009, 7:01 am

Fancy the drowning man tossed a life-line by a life-guard.
The man in pride rebuffed the help

I can help myself; I can swim! He yelled.

But he was drowning.
The guard tried a second time round
But the help was rebuffed again.

Soon the wave became more ferocious
And the life-guard could not reach the drowning man again.
He had been carried away- out of sight.

Today, dont be like that man who rejected help.

Are you drowning in sin?
He came to rescue the perishing.
Do you face a future without hope?
God is a God of Hope.
Will you take His Hands stretched toward you today?
He is the life-guard. He is the life boat, the life-jacket;
Without Him you have no hope, way, no truth, no light and no life.

Without Him death stares you in the face,
Darkness deepens, disaster looms;
Youll be dinner for the lion in the fray.

Run to Him, take his hands
Do not reject Him.
Come and be saved.
He will not force His way in.
You have to let Him in.
So be wise today,
Help God to help YOU!


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