The Sovereignty of God ( 2)

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The Sovereignty of God ( 2)

Post  Fenny West on Fri 01 May 2009, 10:24 am

6. Leadership

Leaders should train others to take up the mantle. Jesus had the twelve disciples, then those in the inner circle- Peter James and John (and Andrew). We also had the 70 Elders. Moses also on the advice of his in-law-Jethro- appointed Elders to help him. Joshua in this story was his assistant who learnt a lot from Moses and this helped him when he was thrust into that position. Let us commit to faithful people what we have been entrusted to so that the house of God will be built into a magnificent edifice to the glory of God.

7. Promised Presence

God has promised His presence to those who are with Him; who have repented of their sins, sold-out to Him and doing His will. As it was with Moses and as it was with the disciples, so it is with us. The promise is unchanging. It is guaranteed: ‘I will not leave you nor forsake you until the end of the age.’ The good work He has begun in each one of us He will continue to work at until He brings it to a glorious conclusion. Regardless of what we see, giants, winter, storm, thunder, lightning, hail stones, valley, credit crunch, persecution, cross, Job-like experiences etc, etc, the promise of God remains: ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you until the end of the age.’

8. Divine Direction

Moses heard from God and acted on what He heard in spite of the fact that what he heard was not music to his ears. Often we claim to hear from God just what we want to hear. We in other words, hear selectively. We rebuke the Devil when the word we hear runs counter to our aspirations and ambitions. We need to come to the realisation that God is sovereign and speaks what He wants to speak. He speaks to direct us in the right way. He speaks to correct us or even rebuke us. Hence there will be times when what we hear may graze or crush our ego. We need to examine what we hear in the light of God’s word; and once it lines up with His word we need to say amen to it. It is for our good. Running away from the will of God is running into the wrath of God, as Jonah can testify. God says I will direct you with my eyes. I will teach you the way you should go. ( Ps32: Cool. Trust the Lord at all times. Lean not in your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Moses was wise when he said: ‘unless your presence goes with me, do not send me.’

We have the Holy Spirit as our Guide, come to guide us into all truth. Let’s consult Him, and involve Him in all we do and He will lead us to our Promised Land, His desired haven- the land flowing with milk and honey.

In spite of the giants, the Promised Land remains God’s promise for us. In spite of the cross we carry along the way, it is still God’s desire and delight that we forge ahead trusting Him Who knows best; Who knows the end from even the beginning.

9. Destiny
Destiny speaks. Joshua was a type of Jesus. Moses represented the Law. Just as the law came by Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. The Law is a school master that leads us to Christ. Through the law we see the enormity of our sin and how helpless we are in meeting the demands of God. It is only by grace that we can come and be accepted in the beloved, not of works lest any should boast. Joshua was destined to lead the people into the Promised Land as Christ – the Last Adam- led us into Salvation; how it came about is a different matter. Jesus was destined to die on the cross. Judas, the Jews and the Romans were conduits, who represented us who were afar off. The will of the Lord shall be done.


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