The Beauty of God's Word(1)

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The Beauty of God's Word(1)

Post  Fenny West on Fri 01 May 2009, 10:43 am

129 Your statutes are wonderful;
therefore I obey them.

130 The unfolding of your words gives light;
it gives understanding to the simple.

131 I open my mouth and pant,
longing for your commands.

132 Turn to me and have mercy on me,
as you always do to those who love your name.

133 Direct my footsteps according to your word;
let no sin rule over me.

134 Redeem me from the oppression of men,
that I may obey your precepts.

135 Make your face shine upon your servant
and teach me your decrees.

136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes,
for your law is not obeyed.

Ps 119:129-136

The word of God is broad, beautiful, boundless; it shines stands out, separates the wheat from the chaff; it brings illumination, divine direction, correction, instruction, promotion, dispels confusion, points and propels you to your destination and engenders the spirit of intercession.

It is so simple, clear and unambiguous, that even children and those with learning disability can understand it.

It is rich in style and language, painting so many pictures in the minds of the reader to underscore and reinforce the mind of God.

Those who approach it with the right attitude; who hunger and thirst for it; who pine, whine, and crave for it; will doubtless be satisfied.

So what are the key lessons from this portion of scripture: Psalm 119:129-136 ?

1. Quality

2. Attitude

3. Benefits

4. Prayer

5. Imagery


The quality of Godís Word seen from the adjectives (and synonyms) used to describe the word:

Simple, uncomplicated, ambiguous, clear, precise and understandable.

Godís Word is a class by itself, unlike other books, it not only informs but transforms, hence David finds it wonderful, amazing, illuminating ( 129,130) Itís entrance bring light and I dare say life. I t is light itself, a compass, Godís Advance Warning System that can sound an alarm.

Attitude determines altitude

To gain from Godís word we must approach it not only prayerfully but also humbly. We need to open our study in prayer, acknowledging the Author of the Word, inviting His presence and Chairmanship during the study. We must come with a teachable spirit; see the Holy Spirit as the Guide, Counsellor, Teacher and Helper. We must come like babes that are famished and crying for the motherís breast and would not stop until the breast is its the mouth. We must come like a dry land, caked from drought yearning for water; like a deer panting for water on a hot summerís day. Yes, we must come opening our mouths, panting expectantly, longing for His commands. That is the attitude that will lead to a great altitude.


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