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Post  Johntheservant on Sat 04 Jul 2009, 8:45 pm

By: Sally Nulph

Through prayer, people of faith believe they can connect with the living God. Pray enables us to have a greater sense of peace, ask for guidance, ask for protection, and tap into an omnipotent source of power. How do we know when a prayer has been answered? How many prayers are answered in a Christianís life? These questions can be answered, and faith can be enhanced through a prayer log.

Faith can feel like an intangible presence at times. Often when crisis strikes people feel abandoned and start to question their spirituality -- their commitment wanes. Of course this is the time when prayer is most useful. A prayer log can help in this situation. Being able to look at the ways that God has worked in your life can be supportive when the going gets rough. A prayer list can be as simple as a list taped to your refrigerator, or as complicated as a spreadsheet that is updated continuously on your computer. It is up to you and your individual style.

The prayer log should include those prayers that you are seeking answers to, and hope to get a specific answer to. If you are praying for world peace, and greater happiness throughout humanity, you will have difficulty knowing if part or all of your prayer has been answered. Prayers need to be specific if you want to see results. Praying for an individualís health or the resolution to a personal crisis are prayers that can obtain observable results.

It is important to include the date of a prayer. This will show you Godís timing in different issues. I have found that sometimes God will answer my prayer an hour later, and other times the waiting goes on for a very long time. Dating your prayers also give you a reference point. Sometimes a prayer list can get so long, a person may forget why the prayer was necessary. The prayer log gives a person a chance to reflect on the prayer, how long this prayer has been included, and why.

You may find that God wants you to learn patience from your prayer log. Document when your prayers are answered, so you have a sense of when God responds to your requests. You may find issues you thought were urgent, are not in the eyes of the Heavenly Father. This log will be valuable, not only for discovering when and how God answers prayers, but for spiritual development in many areas.

This log can be a witness to non-believers. If you share your prayer log with a friend who is not a Christian. You can share how real God is in your life. This tool may help them see how God works through individuals. Sometimes people who are not living spiritual lives do not understand that miracles can be small happenings in a personís life that reflect the power of great spiritual truths. The prayer log can be explained to an individual with care, and show how Godís personal relationship is affecting your life.

Your prayer log in the most basic form should include two columns. One column will list the prayers that are active, and the column will include the date and answer to the prayer. You might include space here for personal learning, and special blessings that accompanied this answer to prayer. A more complex log will include columns for new prayers, frequency of prayer, individuals impacted, answer to prayer, individual response, and any other application that might deserve a column of its own. This prayer log should be like an individualís relationship to God. It should be personal, individualized, and flexible. This is your tool, and you will get the most use out of it if your tailor it to your own needs.

A prayer log would be a helpful tool to share with fellowship partners in bible study, or in one on one relationships. There needs to be a strong sense of trust between people in order to share a prayer log. This log might include your greatest desires and fears. These should be shared with someone who shares your faith, and a commitment to your well being. This could be a good way to increase intimacy in a marriage relationship. Some people find it hard to pray with their spouses. Sharing a prayer log and talking about different prayers may lead two people into praying together and growing as a couple in the faith.

A prayer log can be helpful in many ways. It is exciting to look back on a month or a year and realize how many prayers have been addressed by God the Almighty. This is a way of charting the divine to make it feel real and attainable. A prayer log is a technique that Christians can share or use only for personal use to improve their spiritual growth and enrich their prayer life.
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