Gospels at a glance

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Gospels at a glance

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AudienceJewsRomansGreeksGentile Christians
AuthorTax collector and apostle. Also known as "Levi."Missionary with Barnabus and Paul. Called a son by Peter.Greek doctor who travelled with Paul. Wrote Acts as sequel.Fisherman, apostle, and elder. Wrote 5 NT books. Died at an old age.
Date Written37-68 A.D.
Probably written after Mark.
40-65 A.D.
Probably the 1st gospel written.
59-61 A.D.
Probably written after Mark and Matthew. (Luke 1:1-3)
80-98 A.D.
The last gospel written.
Depiction of JesusKing of the JewsPowerful Servant of GodPerfect Savior of ManSon of God
Key WordsKingdom, FulfillImmediately, AuthoritySon of ManBelieve, Life, World, Father, Son
Key VerseMatthew 27:37Mark 10:45Luke 19:10John 3:16
CharacteristicsEvidence to prove Jesus was the promised Messiah.Fast paced and visual.Careful and historical.The gospel of belief.

Times the OT is Quoted45232314
NotesHandbook of teachings about the Kingdom.All but 4 chapters present at least 1 miracle.Has more parables than any other gospel.Teachings are presented as conversations.

WordsOver 23,000Almost 15,000Over 25,000Over 18,000
Size Notes3rd largest NT book5th largest NT book1st largest NT book. Acts is 2nd with over 24,000 words.4th largest NT book.

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