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Good day fellows,i would like to share some new things i learnt about hinderances to our growing in grace.There are 5 things that hinder our growing in grace.I call them the 5 L's.Lightness,Loosness,Laziness,Loquacity and like others.In all these things,i would like to explain them
Lightness:i'll say that in our present world things are now been made light.From the sermons we hear these days to the materials we read to the things tha set the basis of our faith.There is no longer concrete and grounded messages about the return of Christ,all we hear is prosperity,the bills we read are no longer likr those of old according to Rev.E Hagin.
Loosness:these are of 3 groups.Loosness in tthought.habit and life.We have the right to think over whatever we want to think over.The devil brings thoughts to our minds to see whether we'll ponder over them knowing that we are christians,then as the accuser,he would want to accuse s if we fall for him.Phil 4:8 says,finally brethren,whatever things are true,just,noble,pure,lovely,of good report,if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.God won't come and think for us.I used to battle with canal thoughts till i got to this knowledge,it came at the right time,i thank God for that is no longer a problem.I would like to suggest,if these thoughts come,Simply give praise,sing songs.The devil has no power once we get to know his tactics.Some of the habits we portray are not meant to be as true christians.In our lives,some of us live our lives as though it's their's.We know that we shall give account on how we've lived our we ought to be conscious of the way we live this life.I'll talk about the other 3 L's next time.The lord will give us the power to take note of these things and put a stop to them.Above all let's be conscious of the return of our lord Jesus,it's at hand.Let's continually examine ourselves everyday.God bless us.Amen
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