Prevailing Prayer

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Prevailing Prayer

Post  Fenny West on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 10:47 pm

Prevailing prayer is profuse
Frequent, incessant, expectant
When you wrestle with God,
Refusing to take, ‘No’ for an answer
As you plead your case for what’s your due.
It is bold but not brash, daring in faith
as you thug, like a bulldog, the promises of God
and say: ‘This is mine, Lord, according to Your Word.
You said, 'ask and you shall receive
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened;'
And You’re not a man that you should lie.
So Lord, do it, in Jesus Name!

Prevailing prayer is prayed with fasting
As you bombard heaven, denying your flesh
Any lee way to weigh you down;
When you tell God:’ I come according to your Word‘
I will not leave You until you bless me;
I will do what it takes to obtain Your promises
That are, ‘Yes and Amen’ in Christ Jesus.
Principalities must let go;
‘I bind the strong man and obtain what is mine!

Prevailing prayer is laced with praises and worship
where you sing praises in your prison, like Paul and Silas singing:
'Praise ye the Lord , His mercies endure for ever;
He set me free, He set me free, He broke the chains of prison for me;
set free to worship , set free to praise Him,
set free to rejoice before the throne forever more '
You Remind God of His Covenant-
that He is a covenant keeping God,
who will not alter the Word He had uttered.

Prevailing prayer can be marathon-
not a 100metre dash, where you go again
and again unrelenting even if it rains,
like the woman who kept pestering the unjust judge
until he relented and gave her what she wanted.
It is patient, saying :I will wait until my change comes like job.

Prevailing prayer leaves no stones unturned
repenting of any sin, omission or commissions
Realising that ‘if I have any iniquity
in my heart the Lord will not hear me.’

Prevailing prayer is passionate, importunate,
fully persuaded that God is faithful
and watches over is Word to perform it
heaven and earth will pass away
but His word will not pass away
The grass may wither, the flowers may fade
but the word of God abides forever
It cries Abba Father!
it is deeply involved, contending ,
commanding binding, losing,
its emotions are involved, interjecting :
‘O’ hmms, yes, Ah Ah. Lord God, let go!,
I decree, it knows the kingdom of God
suffers violence but the violent takes it by force.
It makes prophetic moves like
Speaking to yourself;
'you are born to win... '
Letting God Speak to you:
‘No weapon fashioned against you will prosper
Be strong in Me and in My mighty power.
Be not afraid, neither be dismayed.
Stand still and see the salvation of your God!’

It uses objects as points of contact,
Addresses principalities and powers
to bow to the Name of Jesus, imitates Jesus
Declares: ‘It was You who said: …prove Me.
Plead your case with Me.’
It prays back the prophetic word it had received
to God or the adversary; ‘Hear the word of the Lord!...

Prevailing prayer is purposeful
and effective and powerful.
It does not beat about the bush
It has a ‘’do-or-die’ attitude:
if I perish I perish!
Using the hands of faith,
it obtains the promises,
using the weapons of our warfare
it contains the principalities.
It is not afraid or ashamed to make noises,
shout or give a victory chant.
before it sees the answer.
It does not act dignified
but prays with reckless abandon.

Power Prayer
"Praying in the Holy Ghost."-Jude 20

Mark the grand characteristic of true prayer-"In the Holy Ghost." The seed of acceptable devotion must come from heaven's storehouse. Only the prayer which comes from God can go to God. We must shoot the Lord's arrows back to Him. That desire which He writes upon our heart will move His heart and bring down a blessing, but the desires of the flesh have no power with Him.

Praying in the Holy Ghost is praying in fervency. Cold prayers ask the Lord not to hear them. Those who do not plead with fervency, plead not at all. As well speak of lukewarm fire as of lukewarm prayer-it is essential that it be red hot. It is praying perseveringly. The true suppliant gathers force as he proceeds, and grows more fervent when God delays to answer. The longer the gate is closed, the more vehemently does he use the knocker, and the longer the angel lingers the more resolved is he that he will never let him go without the blessing. Beautiful in God's sight is tearful, agonizing, unconquerable importunity. It means praying humbly, for the Holy Spirit never puffs us up with pride. It is His office to convince of sin, and so to bow us down in contrition and brokenness of spirit. We shall never sing Gloria in excelsis except we pray to God De profundis: out of the depths must we cry, or we shall never behold glory in the highest. It is loving prayer. Prayer should be perfumed with love, saturated with love-love to our fellow saints, and love to Christ.
Moreover, it must be a prayer full of faith. A man prevails only as he believes. The Holy Spirit is the author of faith, and strengthens it, so that we pray believing God's promise. O that this blessed combination of excellent graces, priceless and sweet as the spices of the merchant, might be fragrant within us because the Holy Ghost is in our hearts! Most blessed Comforter, exert Thy mighty power within us, helping our infirmities in prayer.
C. H. Spurgeon


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Re: Prevailing Prayer

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 17 May 2010, 6:21 pm

PREVAILING PRAYER...It does not act dignified
but prays with reckless abandon.

Well spoken!

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