Old Life Scraping Scheme

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Old Life Scraping Scheme

Post  fennywest on Tue 27 Oct 2009, 10:39 am

Recently the Government in the UK introduced a Car Scrapping Scheme whereby if you had a car which was aged 10 years or over you could trade it in for £2000 allowance and many are taking advantage of the scheme thinking it is a good bargain.

Well over 2000years ago Jesus gave human-kind a similar but better scheme-old life scrapping scheme whereby you could trade your old life for a new life. He went to the cross and paid the price for you r sin and al you need to do is come and acknowledge him and have your sins forgiven and have eternal life. Now I know a bargain when I see one and the 70% you see in Nicholson may look attractive but the real bargain come from above, comes from Calvary. The real bargain was struck on Calvary’s cross. Today if you are hearing His voice do not harden your heart come and accept this free scheme and be free from your sin, addiction, blindness m and hopelessness. You have nothing to lose but all to gain. You have to humble your self and confess your sin and ask Jesus to come into your life and take his rightful place.

You have to come and exchange you r old sinful life for the New Life that He offers. This is eternal life that they may know you-the true God and Jesus Christ Whom you have sent. . Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. Who ever is born of the flesh is flesh and whoever is born of the spirit is spirit. Your first birth was orchestrated by your natural parents. Your spiritual birth has to be orchestrated by God. But you have to come to Him, confess your sins and let Him into your heart .Today as the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, yield to Him. Surrender to Him and have the free gift of life. He will transform you, open your eyes and give you peace with God. Your name will be written in the Lambs Book of Life the old will go and the New will come
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