Is Christmas a Pagan Festival?

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Is Christmas a Pagan Festival?

Post  Waqar Daniel on Fri 18 Dec 2009, 7:35 pm

These days Christmas is rejected by many saying that it is a pagan festival. Let us see these objections against Christmas:

  1. Christmas is a PAGAN not a Christian festival;
  2. The 25th December was celebrated in ancient days as the birthday of the unconquerable SUN god, (variously know as Tammuz, Mithra, Saturn, Adonis or BAAL) centuries before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem;
  3. Nowhere in the Bible are believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob required to celebrate Christmas;
  4. We must celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas;
  5. It was not December because the shepherds were tending their sheep.

1. Christmas is a Pagan Festival

Christmas has never been a festival but celebration of birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

2. Birthday of unconquerable Sun god (Tammuz, Mithra, Saturn, Adonis or BAAL)

Let us see these deities and how people are led astray in believing that all of them were born on 25 December.

It seems that every god was born on 25 December, yet none of these gods' birthdays were celebrated on December 25. If an Egyptian god does not fit 25 December then fit a Greek god if he does not fit then fit a Roman god and the story goes on and on. Yet no one is clear which sun god are we talking of. And on the top no one realizes that the word December is Latin. Yet we find December in Egyptian language and in other languages.

If we take Horus the Egyptian Sky god, his birthday was celebrated on 25 December until 1 century. Now the problem is that Egyptians never used a Gregorian calendar (solar calendar) rather they used Lunar calendar divided in 12 months with having 30 days equal month.Now according to records, this Egyptian god's birthday was celebrated on 10 Mechir and the archeologists make it equal to 25 December. Very convenient? Why not 10 of Mechir be deciphered as 10 of December? I have no answer but surely those atheists archaeologists must have the answer.

The Mithraic Mysteries or Mysteries of Mithras (also Mithraism) was a mystery religion which became popular among the military in the Roman Empire, from the 1st to 4th centuries AD. Information on the cult is based mainly on interpretations of monuments. These depict Mithras as born from a rock and sacrificing a bull. His worshippers had a complex system of seven grades of initiation, with ritual meals. They met in underground temples. Little else is known for certain. (Source: Wikipedia)

How come a god who was worshiped in secret became so popular that Christians adopted his birth date for Jesus' birth? Although there is no historic proof yet many website would claim that Mithra (an Iranian deity) was born on 25 December. The irony is that Iranians never used a Solar Calendar.

"Ba‛al" can refer to any god and even to human officials; in some texts it is used as a substitute for Hadad, a god of the rain, thunder, fertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven. Since only priests were allowed to utter his divine name Hadad, Ba‛al was used commonly. Nevertheless, few if any Biblical uses of "Ba‛al" refer to Hadad, the lord over the assembly of gods on the holy mount of Heaven, but rather refer to any number of local spirit-deities worshipped as cult images, each called ba‛al and regarded in the Hebrew Bible in that context as a false god. (wikipedia)

Baal is not a single deity according to history. So how come, baal's birthday was celebrated on 25 December?

3. Nowhere in the Bible are believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob required to celebrate Christmas.

This assumption is totally wrong. Magis met Jesus on His birthday and that is 2 to 3 years after Jesus' birth. Therefore it shows that Joseph and Mary were celebrating the birthday of Jesus and that is why Magis gave gifts to Jesus.

4. Hanukkah
What has Hanukkah to do with Jesus' birth date? Hanukkah or Festival of Lights was celebrated to commemorate re-dedication of the second Temple in Jerusalem. According to Hebrew Calendar (Lunar) Hanukkah is celebrated for eight nights starting from 25 day of Kislev. It was no harvest time because no farmer will celebrate any feast during harvest. Yes they do celebrate it after Harvest and even before harvest. But Hanukkah had nothing to do with harvest.

The Jews used to light a candle every night yet we find shepherds going through their normal routine, Joseph and expecting mother Mary going for census and Jesus being born during that registration period. Why weren't the Jews in their Temple celebrating Hanukkah? Romans never interfered in the worship of Jews because they did not want a rebellion.

Moreover, Caesar Augustus must be the biggest recorded fool in the world who ordered cesus of the whole Roman Empire in the season of Harvest. (Luke 2:1) This means that Roman Empire would surely be suffering from famine as all the Roman world had gathered at their respective places to be recorded in the census. Do remember that that era was no computer age and everything was done with a scroll and ink.

It seems every god is born on 25 December yet none of these gods were born on 25 December, there is absolutely no record. Gregorian calendar came very late rather I should say many many thousand years later. Yet everyone seems to have a birth date on 25 December. Amazing? Even at the time of Jesus, Romans were using Julian calendar that had more days than 365 Gregorian calendar.

5. Shepherds were tending to their sheep
I do not find anything wrong with this. Shepherds in those days were nomads and looked for pastures in the morning and in the night stayed there. It was not like these modern days where we have sheep farms.

Before the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the world was using lunar calendar and Romans were using Julian calendar. It is really illogical to say that people who were following lunar calendar celebrated their deities birthdays on 25 December. December has never been a part of any lunar calendar.

I think, if Christmas is pagan then calling Jesus Son of God is also pagan because we find many sons of different gods among different faiths. Why only we paste this theory on Christmas and Easter - why not on the whole faith?

Satan knew that Jesus will be born so he deceived people with many sons of gods, worshiped at various places. He tried to corrupt the faith by establishing many false faiths with a little twist here and there. Yet we follow satan and we do not follow God.

I do not find anything wrong in celebrating Christmas on 25 December yeah I do find it amazing if we celebrate it on Hanukkah because this makes no sense at all. The Bible has not recorded it, and the Old Testament, when it talks of festivals, it talks of leaving all the day to day work. Even those who were ceremonially unclean were asked to celebrate a month later.

It is height of disrespect to Jesus Christ, when we say why should we celebrate Christmas. It is no pagan word that we all are so afraid of - It is CHRISTmas. Is Christ a pagan word? What does mas means? FLESH. So why are we all afraid of saying Christmas?

The Heavens rejoiced, rich and poor rejoiced on birth of Jesus but we all have excuses, excuses that have no historic background.



Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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