Without You (2)

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Without You (2)

Post  fennywest on Sun 27 Dec 2009, 6:04 pm

Without You am like a ship
Without a rudder bound for wreckage
Without You am like a plane
With no clear destination
CH: Without You, without You
Life has no purpose or meaning
But with You at the helm
I am bound a safe haven

Without You am like a car
With a drunken driver behind the wheel
Without You am like a horse
With no bridle, let lose, going astray.

Without You am like a mad man
In the graveyard cutting himself
Without You am like Lazarus
Dead, buried and stank

This song thrilled my heart as the inspiration came at a moment of disappointment and rejection. I had an encounter with God, Who by His Spirit, comforted me and reassured me that with Him I am bound a safe haven.

Looking at the verses of this song, I see powerful, graphic, indelible pictures, painted of life outside Christ in contrast to the life that is dedicated to Him.

Could you imagine boarding a plane and the pilot announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot. Fasten your seat belts. We are about to take off to Destination Unknown. We have fuel to last us some hours and when the fuel finishes we shall land where ever we are.”

Without a doubt, you will not be acting dignified on this plane. You will wake up and tell the pilot, “If you have no clear destination I have and if it does not tally with yours, let me out of this plane!”

Similarly ,if you were on a ship and were told your ship does not have a rudder, so it will just depend on the wind which could carry it anywhere. If you are wise you will disembark immediately. You will not gamble with your life.

Again imagine you’re in a car and the driver’s seat is empty. You are waiting for the driver. You see a drunken man with a bottle in his hand, staggering, drooling, singing a song of fools. With slurred speech he says ’Hi, let’s ge-e-e-et go-go-go-going! ‘, and he gets into your car, taking the drive’s seat, about to drive. What will you do? Would you act cool and possibly give him lessons on the why not to drink and drive or would you scamper out of the car?

Would you like to be on a horse with no bridle? You know such a horse will be a lethal weapon. You are at its whims and caprices. It will teach you a lesson or two. And as for getting to your destination, forget it. It will take you where it wants that is, if you arrive there in one piece.

Lazarus was at the point of death and Jesus was told but He delayed until Lazarus died and was buried and was now stinking because many days had gone by. It looked hopeless until Jesus arrived. And looking at things in the natural there was no hope but Jesus turned it all around. His presence made a difference.

Imagine with me, you’re in a car driving past a graveyard and you find a man naked parading the tombs and then he sits down with a broken bottle in his hand, chanting nonsense and cutting himself. How would you feel for him? You would wish he was in his right mind. That was the situation with a man until Jesus appeared on the scene and set him free. He came to his senses ands was clothed and went to become an evangelist- reaching ten cities and being fulfilled. The presence of Jesus does make a difference.

Is your life like a plane without destination? Are you your own pilot or is Jesus at the helm of your life? If He is, you can be sure that you’re bound a safe haven. If He is not, then know that your plane is bound an inevitable wreckage.

Is Jesus the rudder in your ship or are you in a rudderless ship drifting in the ocean of life? Do you want to reach your habour safely? If so let Jesus reign and rule in you.

It is foolhardy to remain seated in a car and you know a drunken driver is behind the wheel. That driver is doomed and so are his passengers. Run for cover!

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Re: Without You (2)

Post  Waqar Daniel on Sun 27 Dec 2009, 6:40 pm

I agree that without Jesus we are on the path of destruction. Thank you and God bless you Fenny for sharing such an inspired poem.


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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