The Red Fern

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The Red Fern

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 7:04 pm

The Red Fern

Red the color of blood shed

Of courage so strong

Braking the waves of greed

And hate’s bitter bond.

Through the woods marshes and swamps

The soldiers march uncertain

Some reaching the other side

Others facing death’s curtain.

There among the woods grow

Ferns of the hilly wood

The fern the emblem of humility

The cross where Jesus stood.

I often wonder if that same fern

Where in thicketed areas grown

If it happened to appear

At the foot of Christ’s throne.

The Red Fern ever since

The crucifixion of Christ

Has appeared in areas of war

By chance once or twice.

Those who have seen one

Now know its significance

The Red Fern of the wood

Is the emblem of brotherhood.

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