Majestic Tree

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Majestic Tree

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 11:38 am

In the woods are many trees
Of various kinds
Some soft wood, some hard
Some with leaves, others not.
All different yet compliment one another.

Woods are woods, mingled and united.
When a tree gets old, it falls.
In its place is a shaft of light,
Room for the others to grow up into.
Others drop seeds that grown into new ones.

With the wind, they bend and creek.
Their leaves rustle, and glisten.
Their roots run deep, making them strong.
If you don’t stand still
You will miss it –
The singing of the Trees –
The clapping of their branches
The raising of their limbs
To the Lord Most High.

I can say my friend Jesus
Was a Majestic Tree,
One not to be forgotten.
We can all grow in the light He gives.

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