Arrogant Man

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Arrogant Man

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 2:18 pm

Arrogant, self assuming
Wasteful, ungrateful humans -
Boastful, braggarts, proud.
Self inflated egos and plans.
Dissatisfied and always wanting more.

Always increasing your worth
Too busy to enjoy today
Too occupied with things
That what is important -
Family and friends
Slip through your fingers.

Boasting of Tomorrow -
Oh Tomorrow, I will do this!
And so pathetically poor
A depleted, shriveled up soul
Mean, twisted, angry soul
Demanding for more!

Oh Arrogant man!
You are but a piece of dust!
And one day
Tomorrow will never come.
Who will inherit all you have
worked so hard for?

[As it says in the word, a rich man

Tore down his barns to enlarge and

Build bigger. He did not know he would

Die that night. We must live in the present

Moment in Christ our Lord and not be deceived

By the world and lose our souls.]

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