Scales of Time

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Scales of Time

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 01 Apr 2010, 5:10 pm

Of all things I still stop to ponder the present moment…
Of many moments gone by and the likeness of none other...
Today the scales have tipped…
And I wish to cash in and sleep on time past spent.

Nature has a way of making one feel safe,
Whole and Healthy…
And of not aging but being one
In a cycle of creative life.

My energies are better suited
For today I pace myself much slower...
All actions eventually slows to a stop,
All events come to an end.
It is the pausing one appreciates them
All the more.

Sunshine is wonderful when shared with someone else
The warmth giving strength and peace.
The rays have a way of making one shine a nice brown
And fill your bones with hope and joy.

Time are but scales
Held in the hand of the Master.
Everyone’s time is of different lengths.
How I wish to cap nap through it.
If I did I’m afraid I will miss something…

When one gets older it is acceptance
To shed your old skin
And stay in the shape you are.
Acceptance that we cease to be
But our works follow us…

I am grateful that in the scales of time
Are included the people who have made
And impression,
Left their imprint on my heart…
Gave me another way of thinking…
Such are you.

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