Be strong for others

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Be strong for others

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 06 Apr 2010, 7:49 pm

Be strong for others
Let others lean on you
Yet be strong within yourself
To never yield to weakness.
Strength unbreakable
Becomes hard as a rock.
Solitude becomes distant
As an Island
And the two become one.
They are a beauty of silence
A beauty untouchable
And to those who come to admire
They leave in silence
As in silence they came.

They rested there
They wept and laughed there
They learned to live there
And now they leave
A part of themselves behind
Taking with them a part discovered.

I know a Rock
I know an Island
Ive been there
Ive seen it
I lived it
I cry for both
- untouchable truths.
Both give out
And ask nothing to return.
There is the noise of others
Which drowns you out
There is the silence of aloneness
Which asks your attention

A Rock
And an Island.


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