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Post  WARRIOR on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 4:24 pm

Do Not Rob

Do not rob your soul

Of the Divine

God is not religion.

Confuse not the sins

Of religious men

God is not religion.

He is not in dos and doníts

He is not in traditions

God is not religion.

He is in the Law of Love

The commandments of obedience

God is spirit and truth

Not the lies of men.

Deceive not your soul

Of eternal life.

God is not in structures gothic

He is not in wood and stone

God is in the hearts of men

When His Son who did atone.

Four our weaknesses, faults and sins

When we but ask Him in.

God gives us a new heart.

He lifts the stone and weight

He gives us eternal life

For yielding to Love not hate.

Do not rob your soul

Of the Divine

God is not religion.

Let no men tell you

Obedience is legalist

And give you false hope

In traditions of men instead.

Religious men with their lies

Rolled up in disguise

Will have you never ending,

Beg, plead, coerce and buy

Your salvation they will try.

God paid the price but once

Good works it cannot attain

All religious hocus pocus

Will not get you any gain.

Rather religion will roll you

Into the gates of hell

For God did warn

Man more than once

In His Word He did tell.

I have come to give life

To all of those who but seek

I resist the strong and proud

Yet I receive the meek.

Come to me with brokenness

I am a prayer away.

A life of new I give to you

If you but call on Me today.

Let not religious men

Sell you their pack of lies

For I am the Lord Almighty.

Do not rob your soul of Me

And be separated for eternity.

For I am the Holy God

I made all men for a purpose

To have fellowship with Me.

I love you all so very much

I give you my grace and mercy

Come while I am near

For I will not always tarry.

Do not rob your soul

Of the Divine

Do not rob yourself of Me,

King YASHUAH The Almighty.

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