Sacrifice for Me

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Sacrifice for Me

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 06 May 2010, 11:45 am

Long brass spikes
Did impale thee
To the tree –
Sharp thorns punctured
Your skull deep
This you were crowned –
Stripped of your clothing
Whipped, mocked, slapped
A purple cloak you were gowned –
Visions in your head
While helplessly you bled
Forgiveness you prayed –
Two thieves, one each side
You Thy Holiness they did deride
And still one strayed –
No man can comprehend
That history altering day –
And I can only cry
When I think of Thee
When I pray –
For me! For me!
You died! You rose! –
It is finished, you accomplished
~ Thy grace is sufficient for me
~ Thy blood on Calvary
~ Your sacrifice on the tree.

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