Free In You

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Free In You

Post  WARRIOR on Sat 15 May 2010, 2:38 pm

I sat on my back deck
And listened to the wind
Your voice came to me
You spoke of the depth
Of your love
That I've yet to grasp -
Of truths so real
That I wanted
To trail with your voice
Where the wind would take me.

How yielded I was
I gave to you everything.
And I sat satisfied.
The burden is lifted, gone,
And I felt so light, free.
The gift of your voice -
Hearing it makes my heart melt.
Nothing tangible to feel or see,
Just your presence with me.

I feel your love ~
It is overwhelming.
I soak in your radiance.
How my soul is alive
You coarse through my being,
I am enraptured by you.
You know my name
And I know yours.

There is no measure of time
In your expression
Lovingly with me you reside
Graciously you overlook
All my weaknesses.
You ask for nothing more
Than my love for you.

I weep, touched by love.
You have seen my inner self,
That which I try to hide
You expose it bare.
Your voice comes to me
It whispers in my depths
Caressing my heart.
You moved me out of myself.
I have come forth
I ride the wind -
I'm free in You.

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