I Was Only Going For Prayers

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I Was Only Going For Prayers

Post  fennywest on Thu 20 May 2010, 12:14 pm

Ch: I was only going for prayers- spiritual
Trust me, nothing criminal

In the heart of London
I was a long way from home
I was not going for fun.

First, I nearly fell over after,
knocking my shoe on concrete.
What is going on? I asked myself
After all I was only going for prayers

‘The makers of this pavement
Can be sued you know?’
At least so I thought
I didn’t know what was coming

Soon the sole of my shoe ripped
I thought it was a minor rip
Before I knew it, the sole was flapping.
I tried to hide it but it was so obvious.
What more? It was in a high street

I saw some busses with the
banner Street Dance 2
'Were they speaking to me?'
I thought, ‘ I don’t think so’
I had not been so embarrassed.

Looking at the faces of people around;
Praying they were not looking.
I paused a bit but it did not work.
Proceeded but it got worse.
The shoe was ‘laughing’ big time!

I tried to join in the laugh,
But I was crying within-
Wondering, why? Why?
I was only going for prayers.

I pretended I was in pain
As I shuffled along
As fast as I could;
But I was slow like a slug.

What have I done, Lord?
Is this a lesson?
What are you trying to say, Lord?
Am only going for prayers.
You sent Paul to Ananias
You told Peter to go to Cornelius
You told Phillip to go to the desert.


I tried feigning lameness
Like the man at Gate Beautiful
Prayed people will not notice
The laughing shoe from hell.

I froze from time to time;
Prayed a miracle of stickiness
Wound suddenly happen.
Rather the sole stuck to sickness.
I wanted the ground to open up
And swallow me but it refused.

I plodded along sorrowfully.
I tried getting angry but
Even this was to no avail.
I thought of the manufacturers
of the satanic shoe or is it saintly?
I nearly cursed them.

Please where is the nearest cobbler?
I asked the mobile phone seller
Cobbler? Who is a cobbler?
'Key cutter' I responded
'About two bus stops away' he said

I can manage I thought
After 100 yards it was getting out of hand
So I entered a Kebab shop
They were happy
thinking I came to buy food
but I told them my tale, laughing
I asked for glue and they said
'Sorry no glue.
We only sell Kebab as you can see.'

I left the shop reluctantly
to face the music on the street.
I thought of using chewing gum.

But after 200 yards, and no light
I suddenly had a Eureka moment- a bright idea!
Ah, I can get glue!!’
So I went into a shop
Asked for supper glue
Fortunately they had it

I happily bought one.
Then I thought ‘What next?’
Where do I sit and glue it?
By the roadside?
What a spectacle that would be!

I kept shuffling again
Still looking for the cobbler

Fed up, I entered a cab office
Told them my tale.
One woman told me,
‘Wait for my husband’
He (the Good Samaritan)
came not long after.

Soon we were mending the shoe
I used my supper glue
as the initial balm
But it did not work.

He brought his super ’extra- glue’
Complete with syringes
Like a surgeon about
to carry out an operation
Applied it and advised,

‘You have to sit on it
at least for 5mins for it to hold.’
I sat on the shoe pressing hard down
Willing my buttocks
‘be warm, hard, f-i-r-m to the mend’
Even that one did not work.
After 5 mins, it was still laughing at us.

Then another man came to help
We were now ‘three doctors’-
All trying to cure one 'shoe disease'
This man said, ‘You did it all wrong.’
You need to strip everything
Before you apply the glue.’
What a shoe sage or glue guru?!

I watched exhausted, dismayed
'I was only going for prayer.
'What is going on here?
'Why I am I a caricature?'

He stripped the old glue
'You can’t put new wine
In an old bottle,'
he seem to be saying
He did a better job
but the shoe was still very sick

‘Manage it until
you get to the cobbler’ he cautioned.
I wore it and gingerly walked out
Not sure how far I would go
I begged a lift to the nearest
street market to buy a shoe,
Forget about the cobbler
And go for the overdue prayer.
Thank God I got a lift.
Dropped near a street market

I ran down the street like lightning,
eyes darting here and there,
Scampered in and out of shops, chanting:
‘Please where is the nearest shoe shop’
‘Please where is the nearest shoe shop’

'Sorry, they have all closed'
I was told to my horror
‘closed for the day, I’m afraid!'

I was so disappointed, to say the least
Too late for the prayer,
My shoe is laughing , disgracing me,
And now I cannot even
buy a shoe in the market.

Thank God my shoe was still holding.

Bounding away I went
into another shop hoping
to get some shoe to buy
I forgot my plight and
tried some clothes on in the shop
Bounded out of the shop

Then I thought
'Where have I left my laptop?'
I remembered I had my laptop
with me in the cab office
Now I was empty-handed

In desperation I darted down the office
The shoe was still holding
The laptop was not there
The men I met told me,
‘We saw you hold a bag.’
Then I thought I may have
left it in the cab.

We rang the cab man (the 2nd doctor)
He went to the house
of the lady who was
in the cab with me;
she said she had no idea.

I was dazed. I was seeing stars.
I was not sure who I was,
where I was, where I was going
Why I left the house in the fiirst place,
Where I left the laptop-
cab office, cab or clothes shop.

I forgot I had a shoe problem
And any moment the shoe
could laugh out loud.
I thought ‘ let me exhaust all options
I will try that shop
Albeit reluctantly.
I was so sure I did not
go in there with a laptop.
I was now walking back and forth
with a shoe in an intensive care.

Arriving the shop I enquired,
'Please did I leave a laptop here?'
They said, 'Sorry, no!'
I looked at one shirt
and smiled and said
‘This would fit that suit
‘Yea,' the attendant agreed.’

As I was about to go
she smiled bent down and brought
out my laptop to my surprise,
joy and relief.

I was overjoyed, over the moon.
I was still on my way to prayer

On arrival we discussed my prayer request

Was given a list of books to buy

And the number of main (7)
and deliverance services to attend.
I was taken aback
I thought 'I came to a prayer house
-not a bookshop or a den of thieves!
We prayed however
But the amen was heavy in coming out-
Like a bone in my throat.

I left dispirited yet laughing,
thinking of the lesson and the humour
I thanked God
my shoe was still holding!
And I got my laptop back.

Yes, it was agonising, embarrassing
Even humiliating,
Beyond belief, and a big relief
But it was also incredibly hilarious, looking back.
I thank God for the humour that came from it. It was expensive, brutal but also worth praising God that I came back in one piece with that shoe and my laptop and an unforgettable lesson to ‘wait until my change comes.Job14:14, Run and not faint, Mount up to surmount walk and not being weary Isa40:28-31, with the soul Ps 62:1,5, with quietness Lam3:25,26, with patience Ps40:1, with confidence Ps27:14 all the day Ps23:5, continually Hos12:6 with great eagerness Ps130:5-6, expectantly Ps5:3 (New Living)( through Trials Ps69:3

that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. Eccle9:11

Glory be to God!

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Re: I Was Only Going For Prayers

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 20 May 2010, 2:53 pm

It is funny how these things "happen" to us. They are really sent our way to teach us lessons, what ever it is we need to learn. Much enjoyed! Blessings.

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