Count the Pennies

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Count the Pennies

Post  fennywest on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 2:30 pm

Count your pennies

They are part of your money
For, it is the pennies
that add up to the pound
and from the pound
you come to millions.

If you disdain the pennies
you do not deserve the pound
And you have no right to the millions
You live in a fool’s paradise
Surely a bird in hand
Is worth two in the bush.

Millions are dreaming of millions
But they have shunned the pennies
Building castles in the air
Trading in Vanity Fair.

Humble yourself today
And tow the narrow way
The way down is the way up
Take the ladder rung by rung
And slow but surely you‘ll reach the top.

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Re: Count the Pennies

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 3:13 pm

Fenny, truly this is a profound poem if I have ever read one.
EXALT! well done. enjoyed. tc

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