The Treasure

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The Treasure

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 3:14 pm

Ribbons of many colours
Laid out in front of you
From the many colours
You must choose.
How can you decide
Against such variety of art?
You cannot do justice
All colours exist for a reason.

Many roads in front of you
Most lead to compromise
One leads to life
But requires sacrifice.
Once you have found the one
You must take and keep
Then you have crossed over
From indecision to
The cloak of choice.

The world is full of treasures
Luminous riches that glimmer
Much is thrown at us
Yet within we know the truth.
We are born with that
Inner voice of reason
When we follow it
We see clearly the road to choose.

We walk on it to finish
The race set before us.
Instead of ribbons
Medals of honor
Or the praise of men’s lips
We earn an eternal
Crown of life
To throw at the Master’s feet
And prostrate down
To His throne.

In that eternal city
Of no more tears
No more fear
No more dark
Of love itself.
The ribbon is
The Blood Covenant
The road is straight and narrow
The voice is the Holy Spirit
The Treasure is Eternal Life
Through Yashuah the Messiah.

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