Your Enemy is Your Friend

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Your Enemy is Your Friend

Post  fennywest on Wed 23 Jun 2010, 7:54 pm

Jacob lost sleep, imagined a threat,

From the brother he had conned
Advancing force was a dread
But the enemy turned a Welcome Party

So what you thought was your grave
May well turn out to be a friend
Who was sent by Heaven to save
Bring about Godís foreordained end.

We make wrong moves when we fear the worst
But if only we can think of Godís goodness
Then we would take courage and rest,
Comforted by His nearness and faithfulness.

What is the threat facing you today,
Staring you in the face like a Goliath?
Just Commit it to Jesus Christ- the Way
Then rise and go in the power of His might.

Today, Child of God, Donít Lose Sleep
Trust, pray, think positive and obey
He is your Shepherd, Youíre His Sheep
Keep cool, calm, confident, donít stray.

Jacob Meets Esau

Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men; so he divided the children among Leah, Rachel and the two maidservants. [He put the maidservants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear.He himself went on ahead and bowed down to the ground seven times as he approached his brother.

[ But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept
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Re: Your Enemy is Your Friend

Post  WARRIOR on Fri 02 Jul 2010, 3:55 pm

You have exhorted, encouraged the Body with this write.

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